Coastal Magic Author Lucienne Diver

Coastal Magic Author Lucienne Diver

One of my favorite people to see at Coastal Magic is Lucienne Diver. She is such a nice and fun chick to get to know!


Today is release day for her book Trickster Blood, which is part of her Latter Day Olympians series. So she has gifted us with a guest post!

Tori’s Guide to Mythological Investigations

First off, if it’s at all possible, stay out of the way of immortals, mythological, monsters and other mayhem.  Really.  I mean it.  If you’re a garden variety mortal, it will not go well for you.  If you’re a burgeoning something-or-other (shifter, demon, goddess, gorgon) just learning to use your powers, it will not go well for you.  If you’re already part of the problem, well, it’s too late then.  Read on.

I’m sure there are right and wrong ways to conduct mythological Investigations.  If so, no one taught them to me.  There’s no handbook for this kind of stuff. But when you become the only witness to a murder by something that looks like the Creature from the Black Lagoon, you’re in, whether you like it or not.  When you’re a P.I. in Los Angeles already half on the case, you’re not just part of the problem. You’re expected to be part of the solution.  So, here’s what I’ve got.


#1- Consult Your Sources: In my case, I’ve got one wild and crazy grandmother (or maybe that should be wild and wooly, given her bearded lady gig at the Rialto Bros. Circus) who runs a scandal sheet all about the Latter-Day Olympians called Goddities.  She’s my one-stop shopping for all the latest godly gossip—current whereabouts, known associates, who’s doing what to who…that sort of thing.


#2- Beware Trickster Gods Offering Cryptic Clues: If there’s trouble, I can guarantee you that any trickster god in the area will be drawn to it.  Hermes?  Oh, he’s taken multiple forms over the years—Mercury, Loki, Spider, Coyote, Iemisch.  Never heard of Iemisch? Foxlike body, serpent’s tail?  Well, you’d know him if you saw him.  Anyway, they tend to speak in riddles, much like Oracles.  Chances are you won’t understand a word they’re saying until it’s almost too late.


#3- Remember Myths Lie: Yeah, if you’re going back to the source material, the ancient myths, to find out about feuds, alliances, etc., here are two things to think about.  One, none of the old tales was actually written down until many, many years after they happened, and then not by the principal players, but by historians and scribes like Homer and Herodotus.  By that point they’d gone through such grand scale games of telephone as to be almost unrecognizable.  Two, even firsthand witnesses to the same event can’t agree on things, so all these years and retellings later trying to figure out what really happened…  Well, you’re up the River Lethe without a paddle.


#4- The More Things Change, the More Things Stay the Same:
Take gods, for instance—most of them change forms on a whim.  They might have one they wear for everyday, like a favorite pair of cargo pants.  But at the drop of a hat (or, more likely, in order to drop someone’s drawers) they’ll change into anything they’d like—a bull, a stallion, a golden shower (I kid you not) or any number of things.  Their nature, though, that doesn’t change.  Not really.  Belief fuels reality, and the gods and the goddesses mostly are who and what they are because the worship of their people imbued them with certain attributes.  In a way, as powerful as they are, the old ones are still slaves to their natures.  Which means that Aphrodite’s temple might now be the high-class escort service she runs for the Hollywood elite, and her son Eros (also known as Cupid) might run a matchmaking service, but they haven’t gone very far from their roots.

Beyond that?  Keep your guard up,your friends close and your enemies closer.  Close enough for the gorgon glare.

Yeah, I might not have the looks that kill, but it’s a near thing.

You can read all about Hermes and the other gods in Lucienne Diver’s Latter-Day Olympians series!  In fact, Hermes has his very own **FREE** story, Trickster Blood, out today.  Also, that website run by Tori’s crazy grandmother, Yiayia, is coming soon, so stay tuned!


Trickster Blood

By: Lucienne Diver
Pages: 46
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Published on: September 29, 2015
Coastal Magic Author Lucienne Diver

Hermes, the god of tricksters, walk away from mischief and mayhem? As if.

A Latter-Day Olympians Prequel

Hermes (yes, that Hermes of Greek myth) has an unerring nose for mischief and mayhem, which comes in handy as a syndicated columnist for the Miami Sentinel.

When a colleague offers to forgive a lost bet in exchange for checking on his father in Ft. Lauderdale, Hermes’s Spidey senses go on high alert. The father, it seems, has taken up with his much younger housekeeper. The suspected foul play has trickster written all over it.

The young woman who answers the door almost knocks Hermes back a step with her shining golden hair and laughing, kaleidoscope eyes. Oh yeah, there’s a trickster here. But which one? For once in his eternal life, Hermes isn’t sure whether he should stage an intervention, or leave the “happy couple” to their mutually assured destruction.

Especially since Farrah is much more than she seems, and Hermes is all about fun…and frolic.

Warning: Full of tricksters, trouble, and an intriguing temptress who may be more than our hero can handle. Not that he won’t give it his best shot!

Also by this author: Fangdemonium, Vamped

Find the Author: Website, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon


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