We Love Kendall Grey!!!


StringsbeatsTomorrow is release day for BEATS, book 2 in the Hard Rock Harlots series by Kendall Grey. Anyone who has met or interacted with Kendall knows just how crazy and sweet she is.


In honor of Kendall’s awesome personality and heart I have declared today as the Unofficial     WE LOVE KENDALL DAY. (I say “unofficial” only bc I don’t know how to make stuff “official”!) Below you will find personal stories and thoughts from some of Kendall’s biggest fans ahem, supporters. They have also been nice enough to share some of their favorite pics of her. Please leave a comment telling everyone why YOU love Kendall Grey, or what you think makes her super awesome.




kendall 3

Kendall with a gift at Book Bash
(photo courtesy of Debi Krupa)

Kendall is the most sweet, kind, talented and honest person I’ve ever met! She was one of the 1st indie authors I’ve encountered and I just loved her from the start! She ALWAYS communicated with us little people and I just felt she was real!

One instance was when I was waiting on my signed copy of Strings and I hadn’t gotten it and she kept telling me she’d mail me a new one if it wasn’t there by the next day! Soooo generous! I got it the next day and it had such a personal message and not the typical signature for readers and I was so touched and it made me love her even more! She’s an amazing author and person and I LOVE ALL of her books!

    Erin Fisher




kendall 4

Kendall’s dolphin necklace from Kim
(photo courtesy of Debi Krupa)



I love Kendall because her writing is raw and unapologetic and her characters are so real they float off the page. She makes you feel every emotion her characters are going through whether it be happy and laughing your a** off or so upset you are ready to spit nails. She is just that good 🙂

Jamie Birdwell






Kendall signing something crafty that a reader made.  (photo courtesy of Kim Cheeseman)

Kendall signing something crafty that a reader made.
(photo courtesy of Debi Krupa)

In short, Kendall rocks!  No seriously, she does and it’s not just because Strings kicks ass.  She’s awesome because she’s genuine and real.  I can’t wait to one click the shit out of Beats and get lost in Jinx and Toombs (and Rax too)!!!

Melissa Collins
Website  Facebook  Twitter






Kendall at AAD.  (photo courtesy of Debi Krupa)

Kendall at AAD.
(photo courtesy of Debi Krupa)



Because she is fucking awesome! That’s why!

Tabby Coots
Tabbys tantalizing reviews











lynn rush kendall photo

Kendall at AAD for the Elemental Ball. She was fire.
Photo courtesy of Lynn Rush



Kendall Grey is an amazing, self-less person. She’s got the biggest heart ever, both for her fellow author friends and her readers!!  🙂  I just love her!!

~Lynn Rush
New Adult Paranormal Romance Author








Debi and Kendall at AAD. (Photo courtesy of Debi Krupa)

Debi and Kendall at AAD.
(Photo courtesy of Debi Krupa)

From the moment I met Kendall we have become fast friends. Even though I made her cry because I have her book covers on my phone.


I not only love her books but because she is a tell it like it is kind of women and she stands behind what she says and has my full respect for that. Her passion for not only her writing but her love of whales makes everyone passionate about both.


She always cracks me up when she thinks no one will show up to her signings and buy her books and yes every time her supporters (she hates the word “fans”) do and buy her books. She spends all the time a supporter needs to answer all questions and loves hugging all of them.


So Kendall, don’t ever think we don’t love you and your work. I am very lucky to of met you and to be able to call you my friend and hope the friendship last a lifetime.

Love ya woman,

Debi Krupa





carey haywood

Carey Haywood with Kendall

How do I love Kendall Grey? Let me count the ways…

One, I fell in love with her writing before I had an opportunity to actually meet her. I know you all saw the warning label on Strings. I’m not sure I have ever downloaded a book as fast after reading the blurb. Strings is probably one of my all time favorite books, it makes my face hurt I smile and laugh so hard while reading it. I HAD to become her friend.

The lady in the adult store that Carey convinced to read STRINGS

The lady in the adult store that Carey convinced to read STRINGS

Two, even when things were sucking so bad for Kendall she had zero desire to have any other author effected by it. I didn’t even really know Kendall when stuff got for real ugly but I commented my support for her. She wasn’t publishing comments to PROTECT the people who were supporting her, she didn’t even know me and she was protecting me.

Three, in interacting with Kendall online via messaging and whatever I virtually (platonicly, wink) fell in love with her. She is one of the most giving and kindhearted people I have ever virtually met at this point.

Four, I finally got to meet Kendall in person at BookBash. She is one of the most authentic people I have ever met. I got to hang with her, and a couple of her closest friends. I told her my biggest fear in life (it’s somewhat silly) and she didn’t laugh at me.

carey haywood 3

The dildo packaging that Carey had Kendall sign for “a friend”

Five,  she didn’t blink an eye when I asked her to autograph a dildo for a friend.

Six, I am honored to call Kendall my friend. Since meeting her I have messaged her countless times with questions, frustrations, and random crap. She always replies. I cannot thank her enough for being my friend.

Lastly…seriously….is Beats out yet?

  Carey Haywood (Author)





debi kendall maria

Debi, Kendall, and Maria at AAD for the Elemental Ball.
(Photo courtesy of Maria Companion)

Kendall is an all around Wonder Woman!!!  An amazing author that moves us in so many ways. In both her Just Breathe series as well as the Hard Rock Harlots, Kendall has proven time again that not only can she write incredible magical worlds with engaging heroes and heroines (Gavin and Zoe), she brought us into the scintillating and super smexy with Letty & Shades.  Proving she can conquer worlds and scale tall buildings with her perfectly poised pen!  See Wonder Woman!!!  Her sense of humor is infectious and I have it on good authority her taste in music is divine.  We love you Kendall and see such a bright shining path to your future!

Cheers Luv,

Maria LeMay-Companion




kendall kim 4

Kendall and Kim at Book Bash
(Photo courtesy of Kim Cheeseman)

On Friday night June 28th, 2013, I had the opportunity to meet one of the coolest people I think I will ever have the chance of meeting, Kendall Grey!   I have to say HANDS DOWN Kendall was/is the easiest person to speak with and hang with.  I had my 9 year old daughter with me for the early registration that night and she and my daughter just talked and talked about the whales & whale camp.   She immediately made me feel like “one of the gang” and just acted like we had known each other for forever!

Saturday, June 29th,(Maryse’s Book Bash, Orlando, FL) I had the opportunity to see Kendall with her fans.  When they came to her table for autographs and photos there were times the line at her table would grow because Kendall is a hugger & really does try to get to know each and every one of her fans!

I have read and WILL read ANYTHING Kendall publishes!  I absolutely LOVE the Inhale/Exhale series and cannot wait to find out what happens with Sinnder! I have read STRINGS and “wow” talk about totally different road then “saving the world” in her other series – STRINGS is all Rock & Roll & Sex!  I still loved it for totally different reasons!  I am really looking forward to BEATS with Jinx’s story!

kendall kim 1

Kendall and Kim
(photo courtesy of Kim Cheeseman)

I look forward to having the chance to meet her again and get to spend some time with her hopefully not too far in the future!

Kim Cheeseman






mindy and kendall

Kendall and Mindy
(Photo courtesy of Mindy)

I love Kendall because she is such a HUGE inspiration and an amazing person. Hey and not to mention a very creative and talented writer!









Kendall and Annie. (photo courtesy of Annie)

Kendall and Annie.
(photo courtesy of Annie)

Kendall is one of the most amazing people I know, she speaks her mind and has got your back no matter if she knows you or not. Her love and dedication to what she believes in is astounding and she waves her womancock proudly. I am proud to be able to call such an awesome person a friend and look forward to many dirty martini nights to come.









hootie and kendall

Hootie and Kendall at Book Bash. I was sitting in the chair next to Hootie. This was within the first 10 minutes of my meeting either of them.
(Photo courtesy of Hootie)



Kendall is not only an amazing person she’s a fantastic author. She has the ability to make me laugh, cry, rage and apparently gag. Kendall was the first author to open my eyes to the line I won’t cross with her rebellious writing. I’ll never look at a bootyhole the same way. Thanks Kendall, I love you!! Xoxo










Mandy and Kendall at Book Bash. Good times lol.  (photo courtesy of Mandy)

Mandy and Kendall at Book Bash. Good times lol.
(photo courtesy of Mandy)

And why do I love Kendall? Well, that’s easy. She’s real. I had only read Strings and Inhale before meeting her at Book Bash in June 2013, so I knew that I enjoyed her writing.  But enjoying someone’s writing and enjoying the person are two very different things. However, with Kendall there’s no guess work.  She doesn’t make excuses and she doesn’t tolerate bullshit. I like that in ANY person, but a successful author that was totally cool with hanging with a bunch of book crazy women and signing their boobs while getting our drink on goes into my book of Awesomeness. After meeting and befriending Kendall, she was a source of good cheer and support as I got Raw Books off the ground.  And she continues to entertain me with her writing and her wit.  I’m proud to be a Harlot!

Raw Books




Trina and kendall

Trina and Kendall at Book Bash
(photo courtesy of Trina)

Why do I love this woman, Kendall Gray???so many reasons..but here are just a few!..she is awesome, giving, funny as all hell! She cares about her readers, she cares about what she writes..and never holds back, wether in her books or in person!…she is the real deal!! And I LOVE HER!! I wish her only the best, always!!!








Kendall and Melanie

Kendall and Me at Book Bash

The reason I love Kendall is simple really. She’s real. She’s honest. She’s human. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever met anyone like her. I don’t think there really is anyone else like her.

She’s brave. She stands up for what she believes in even when it’s not the popular thing to do. Kendall has got to be the most humble person I’ve ever met. I was her assistant at Book Bash in Orlando back in June. It was the first time I was ever someone’s assistant, and I had never met her personally. I’ve never seen someone who was so seemingly clueless about how people feel about her! She didn’t think anyone was going to come to her table!  She had so many people come to her table, and you could see in her face how much she loves each and every one of them. She even asked several of them if they were absolutely sure they wanted to buy her book because she wanted to make sure they weren’t disappointed! She didn’t bring enough books bc she didn’t think anyone would buy them! She sold out really quickly lol.

Me and Kendall at Book Bash

Me and Kendall at Book Bash

Kendall is an awesome person as well as an awesome author. I really wish there were more people out there like her, this world would be a much better place. I could go on and on about  what is so great about her, but I  suggest you take the time to find out for yourself.

Kendall, I love you woman. Please believe in yourself, because we sure as hell do! There are so many more people that would have contributed to this post, but I had to put a limit on how many I could put into this post! Keep doing your thing, and we will keep supporting you.

Fang Freakin Tastic Book Reviews


Be sure to enter the giveaway HERE to win your own copy of STRINGS, and come back tomorrow for a link to buy BEATS!


 Reader Pics


Kendall and Bethany (photo courtesy of Bethany)

Kendall and Bethany (photo courtesy of Bethany)

mindy and kendall2
Kendall with some of her readers
(Photo courtesy of Mindy)
kendall kim 2

Kendall and Kim with stand-ins for those who couldn’t make it to Book Bash!
(Photo courtesy of Kim)

laura and kendall

Laura (from Littlereadridinghood.com) and Kendall at Book Bash
(Photo courtesy of Melanie)

Carey and Kendall

Kendall with her readers at Book Bash
(Photo courtesy of Carey Haywood)






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11 Responses to We Love Kendall Grey!!!

  1. Jocy says:

    Why Kendall Grey Rocks My Socks Off-

    She is genuine, appreciative, selfless, brave, hilarious, talented, crazy(in a good way), honest and this has just been from speaking with her online and seeing how she interacts with her adoring Harlots and fans. Kendall truly loves her fans and she does her best to give them exactly what they want; smexy, creative, entertaining stories that are outside the norm and full of strong delicious characters that you can’t get enough of. I am already planning my trip in April to meet her in Boston and I can’t wait!!! We love you Kendall XOXO

  2. Bethany says:

    Why do I love Kendall? Who else would make room for you last minute at a dinner just because you are a fan of hers? That is right, Kendall does. I was blown away of how it felt like I had known her for years. She shoots from the hip, is genuine, HILARIOUS and sweet as hell all wrapped up in one kick ass person. She hung out with a group of us for hours and chit chatted like old girlfriends. I never wanted to leave. I am counting the days until I get to see her again. She is the definition of “Authors are my Rock Stars”!

    I have a pic too, but I am clueless as how to attach it!

  3. DEBI KRUPA says:

    Great Job!!!!! Yes we all love her and now the rest of the world will see why we do!!!

  4. Barb Johnson says:

    Kendall inspires me with her love of life, of nature and her enjoyment of writing. She can write anything and have me enjoy it. I can laugh, I can cry and I can get ah hmmm get turned on lol, Kendall rocks, I hope one day I can meet her and give her a big hug. 🙂

  5. krparis says:

    I met Kendall at Book Bash in Orlando 6/29. Her table was surrounded by folks like me who just wanted to meet the woman behind the books. When I got to her she wasted no time in giving me a big ole’ hug, just like we’d known each other for forever!!! she even gave me an awesome poster!!! (the stunningly beautiful INHALE cover). The real deal, authentic, genuine…kind, caring…ok I’ll stop but you get it. I know you do:-)

  6. Well, damn. I knew Kendall was an awesome author, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to meet her in person yet. Kendall, fair warning – when we do meet, we’ve got some drinking and talking to do! Hugs woman!!!

  7. I don’t love Kendall. Not at all. I FUCKING ADORE KENDALL. Tis all. <3

  8. Miranda Book Whore says:

    Why I love Kendall Fuckin’ Grey… First of all, I’m a nobody-wanna-be-blogger chic. I knew about the hoopla and negative asshats, but I didn’t realize that they had scared our sweet Kendall away from bloggers. Just picture it, idiot nobody-wanna-be-blogger chic sends Kendall Fuckin’ Grey (falls to knees at the shrine of Kendall featuring all things sex toys and my signed Strings book) a message saying something along the lines of “Hi, Carey Heywood had you take a picture holding my sign at Bookbash I fuckin’ love you and want to have your babies, could I interview you for my blog if you aren’t too busy?” Well, not exactly like that, but you get the drift. *insert foot in mouth* I’m good for that, Kendall, being the awesome that she is, responds saying she hasn’t done anything with blogs since THE INCIDENT and rightfully so after that BS. She agreed though and I swear I screamed so loud my neighbors thought my hubs was getting lucky, it was that good. So, I popped the interview cherry and haven’t done another spotlight on my blog since because I don’t want to change it from Kendall’s… THAT is how much I freakin’ adore that chic. She is so real and down to Earth. Every interaction with her readers, admirers, stalkers, book whores, book bitches, harlots, and friends makes the person feel important. She makes the nobody-wanna-be-blogger chics feel special. I am forever a stalker of all things Kendall. Long live The Rock. xxx Kendall Happy Day before Beats! It’s going to be Epic. <3 the Head Whore at Mommy's a Book Whore

  9. I love you. All of you. That’s all I can say because I’m bawling like a baby, and my fingers don’t work, and I’ve had to retype this sixteen times, and I’m overwhelmed by the kindness and sweetness, and I…I…I just love you guys! Thank you SO MUCH!

  10. Why I love Kendall Grey….Kendall is one of the people that you just love right off the bat, she is easy going, funny, bat-shit crazy, loving, generous, and a kick ass fucking author! I adore her so much that I would allow her to do some anal fisting..yeah I’m going there! LOL But seriously, she is an all around great person. I <3 you Kendall!

  11. Melanie says:

    Thank you all so much for your support and help with this post. I wanted to do something nice for Kendall because I thought that she deserves to know how we feel about her and how much we appreciate the hard work she puts into her books. She doesn’t write for herself. I have a feeling she writes for US.

    And I am so happy to see how many people feel the same way I do about this crazy haired, whale saving, vodka swilling, fuck saying, boob grabbing, art creating, hug giving, dildo signing, insane woman.

    Thank you all for helping me make this post a success and not a suck-sess lol. see what I did there? God, I’m a dork. Let’s all make it a point to make at least one person a day happy. If you know someone has done a good job and put their heart into something, let them know they are appreciated. I think our society would be a much cooler place if we all tried to do this a little bit more.

    Thanks again!

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