The Litter by Kevin R. Doyle

The Litter

By: Kevin R. Doyle
Genres: Horror, Crime Thriller
Pages: 294
Published on: February 13th 2015
The Litter by Kevin R. Doyle

Karen Bannister is coming off a really bad year. Estranged from her father and her fiancé dead, she finds solace in her work with the city’s indigent, destitute, and lost. Then something, something savage and brutal, appears and begins preying on those she works to save. Now, from the depths of her own personal tragedy, Karen has to find the strength to lift herself up and, with the help of an unexpected ally, fight back against the darkness that threatens to overwhelm those too weak to save themselves.


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The Litter by Kevin R. Doyle is quite a unique story. It reads as something of a crime thriller but with horror elements, leaving the reader wondering just what exactly is going on and is the perpetrator human or something else.


The main characters are interesting, Karen works in a homeless shelter and a nasty area of town and her father is the chief of police. They are on the outs and their future as a family looks pretty dim. Jared is a TV reporter. He is inquisitive and interesting in my opinion and of the 2 of them, I think I preferred Jared. He seems smarter than Karen in some ways, or maybe just more of a realist?


People in “The Zone” are being torn apart by someone or something and Karen and Jared are working together to try to figure out what is going on. And boy do they. There is a pretty interesting surprise at the end that I’ve not seen done before.


The Litter is a unique idea that, as a reader, I can appreciate. I like the suspense and the action. I do feel like it went on a little bit too long for my tastes. About halfway through I was screaming “just figure it out already” in my head. This could be due to my own impatience though.


I really did enjoy this book, even if it felt like it took me forever to get through it to the surprise at the end, but it was worth it. This would be a good read for anyone who enjoys Stephen King styles of horror.


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I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


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About Kevin R. Doyle

A high school teacher and fiction writer living in central Missouri, Kevin R. Doyle has seen his short stories, mainly in the horror and suspense fields, published in over twenty small press magazines, both print and online. Last year his first e-book, a mainstream novelette, titled "One Helluva Gig," was published by Vagabondage Press.
Doyle earned a B.A. in English and an M.A. in communications from Wichita State University. He teaches English and public speaking at a high school in rural Missouri and has taught English, journalism and Spanish at a number of community colleges in both Kansas and Missouri.
In January of 2014, Barbarian Books released "The Group," his first suspense novel, and this February saw the release of "The Litter," a horror/suspense novel.

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