Listen to Me Now! by A.I. Nasser

Listen to Me Now!

By: A.I. Nasser
Genres: Paranormal Thriller
Pages: 146
Publisher: Scare Street
Published on: January 27, 2019
Listen to Me Now! by A.I. Nasser

After the success of his first novel, John Krik has struggled to come up with a follow up that his fans would eagerly gobble up. On a spur of the moment decision, John leaves his suburban married life to spend six months in an abandoned house in the quiet eerie town of Cafeville, where secrets lurk in every corner.

The town's biggest source of gossip is the Greens who live right next door. As John attempts to put his finger on what it is about the house that has everyone steering clear, he finds himself captivated by the seductively charming Eva Green who is as dangerous as she is irresistible. A gruesome story begins to take form in his mind.

As the lines between fiction and reality become blurred, something sinister emerges from the shadows and demands to be heard...




Listen to Me Now! is one of Nasser’s better books. I’m not saying his other books weren’t good, most of them were very good, but this is probably my favorite of his. It reminds me a bit of Stephen King’s The Shining. It’s rare for me to compare one author’s books to another, but in this case, I will because they do share similarities but not so much that I would think this is a copy cat type thing, it most definitely isn’t.


I do wish there had been more talk of the history of things, but Nasser gives just enough details at the right time to keep the story moving along at a nice pace. I thought the action was good and occurred in the right places. I don’t love the title, but that’s ok, the book itself is so much more than the title anyway. I did love the cover though.


Overall, this was a really good book by an author that hasn’t always made me 100% happy but has more than made up for it through his other books. I’ll keep reading this author as long as he keeps writing books of this caliber.


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