Lily’s Grace by L.E. Perez

Lily's Grace

By: L.E. Perez
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 120
Series: Hotel Paranormal
Lily’s Grace by L.E. Perez

Reaper Alex Dante did her job, never letting the souls she collected become anything more than work. Until Lily. Lily Heatherton was full of life and had cheated death more than once. Now death wants her back and nothing will stand in its way, not even one of their own. The Hotel is the only place Alex can think of where she can keep Lily safe. But as forces conspire to claim their souls, the Hotel provides a haven for them to discover the love of a thousand lifetimes.

The Hotel Paranormal is THE place for supernatural beings looking to get away from it all. Beings like werewolves, vampires, elves, sprites, djinn and more check in from all over the world for business and for pleasure -- and sometimes for both.

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Lily’s Grace by L.E. Perez is a unique telling of love and death. This isn’t the first story I’ve read by Perez, but I think it’s my favorite of hers so far. She’s creative and paints a great picture in my head with her words.


Alex is a reaper; more so, she’s the best at what she does and has the favor of Death himself. She saved a life 20 years ago and now that situation has come full circle for them to meet again. Alex realizes she’s in love with Lily only just before there is an order for her reaping. What’s a reaper to do?


I really like the way Perez writes. Her character development and world building are easy to understand and follow. Her characters are interesting and relatable despite being otherworldly. The characters display behaviors and emotions that give them believability.


Lily’s Grace ends in a unique twist that I really enjoyed. It made me somewhat sad, but not in a way that took away from the story.


Overall, Lily’s Grace is a really good book that will keep your attention and surprise you along the way. I recommend it to anyone who likes paranormal romance.

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L.E. Perez is a lover of all genres; Romance, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Steampunk; and loves stories with amazing fight scenes that make you cheer, scream and cry before they lift you up and dust you off.

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