Leaving on a jet plane…..


Don’t know when I’ll be back again… Wait yes I do, on monday.


So Andi here, and I am about to leave for Florida again 😀 for Indie Book Fest. Yes, not only will I be hanging out with some pretty awesome authors, but I will get to see my co-blogger and best friend in the entire world Melanie. So for the next fiveish days, don’t expect a lot of posts, but when I get home, Oh I will be sharing pictures, that is if I take any, I mean you know what they say about Orlando… what happens there, stays there.


Oh but I will be doing a little Vlog about the books that I bought/got while I was done there. Something new that I have been toying with.  I am thinking about posting 1) about the books that I get in the mail, AND about the books I am reviewing.  I will still be reviewing on here, so the video will be like three books or two books while the posts will still only be one book.


Anyways I am flying out to Orlando to attend Indie Book Fest, assuming that Irma didn’t crush everything in her path, which I am worried about since Melanie is in the eye of the storm, or at least they are predicting that will happen.  We on the other hand are getting slammed by wild fires.  There is a fire that is about 30 crow miles away from us and it is moving this way.  While I write this there is 4 buildings that have been destroyed, a lot of hate for the kid that may have started it as there was a rumor that kids were throwing fireworks into the dry underbrush.


Well that is all for my quick message about flying out to Florida.  Hopefully we get some pictures while we are there, but I may come back with a new tattoo.  In the mean time I am checking out until I get back home likely.  Oh Melanie and I are hoping to get into the Torture museum in St. Augustine.  If that does happen, and we have time, then I will make sure to post some pictures up.  I think I am taking a laptop, but the last time I took one, I never even opened it.


Well until the 1st.  Later minions.

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