KD Wood Giveaway

KD Wood Giveaway

Last month I met an author at Coastal Magic named KD Wood. She was so nice! All of the authors I met at Coastal Magic were super nice of course! KD went out of her way to meet me and that really meant a lot to me.


As a way to say thank you, I want to share this with you all. She is doing a giveaway. It’s not a huge crazy giveaway, but who can’t use a $10 Amazon gift card?


Here is the info about KD’s book, Unwilling, an excerpt and the giveaway info. I hope you enjoy it! I will be posting my review of Unwilling sometime soon, so Keep an eye out for that.


By: KD Wood
Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal, Thriller, YA
Pages: 341
Publisher: Blue Tulip
Published on: November 11, 2014
KD Wood Giveaway

Neely McIntire’s dreams warn her about the future but will not protect her from the danger hiding in plain sight. On graduation night, she plans to tell her best friend, Hayden Nelson, that she's in love with him. Instead, they argue. Neely's hurt feelings leave her vulnerable, giving her secret admirer, Andrew Huckley, the opportunity to put his mother’s monstrous plan into motion.  When Neely gives in to her broken heart and pushes him away, Hayden knows he must fight to recapture the spark he felt in their last kiss. But will he find her in time to reverse the damage or will she be changed forever?


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“So have you seen Neely?” I yelled.

“Yeah.” Bubba’s face screwed up in a grimace. “Saw her throwing McCreepy a bone a little while ago.”

“What the hell?” My voice shot up an extra octave. “Are you serious?”

“Man, they were slow dancing and everything.” He made a kissy face, wagging his eyebrows.

“You’re sure it was McCreepy?” Part of my question sounded more like an expletive. The mental image of Andrew touching Neely speared my heart.

“Yep,” Bubba said, shoving a new potato into his left cheek like a gigantic chipmunk. I probably would’ve laughed if I hadn’t been so pissed off.

“Why would she do that?”

Bubba tapped the side of my head with a damp finger. “Think about it, man. It ain’t like you’ve made a move.” Shaking his head, he elbowed me out of the way. “Neely is sweet, gorgeous and very a-va-il-a-ble,” he said over his shoulder, raking up another pile of crawfish. Only a redneck could turn that word into five syllables. “What’d you expect? For the half-dozen guys out here panting after her to wait for you to decide to get your head outta your ass?”

Spinning away from him, I didn’t answer. Why? Because it pissed me off that he was right.



Giveaway Info

*****Enter to win a $10 Amazon gift card!*****

Here’s the instructions to get your name into the drawing:


2. Post your review to any (or all) of the sites that carry Unwilling. Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, (Goodreads also counts)

3. Enter the link to your review(s) into the rafflecopter
*each review link is an entry, you may post to all the sites and enter each new link for a additional chance to win

**For your review to qualify the drawing**
-it must post to the sites listed and link entered into the rafflecopter between 3/1/15 and 3/15/15
-winner will be chosen at random on 3/14/15




About KD Wood

K.D. Wood lives in north Mississippi with her family and a very spoiled White Waug. She creates love stories and smokin’ southern erotica, but not your mama's happy ever after. She’s a consumer of chocolate but not spiders and completely composed of liquid awesome. When not in her office pounding the keys she can be found under a snuggly blanket, cup of Donut Shop close by, with her nose in a book.
Follow her on Twitter at @KDWoodauthor, like her on Facebook, you’ll find her neglecting her blog at K.D.Woodauthor.blogspot.com, or email her at K.D.Woodauthor@gmail.com

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