Infection by Elle Klass

Infection (Zombie Girl Book 2)

By: Elle Klass, Dawn Lewis
Pages: 131
Series: Zombie Girl #2
Publisher: Books by Elle, Inc.
Published on: July 10, 2017
Infection by Elle Klass

When Maddie and Bryce touch, she knows her zombie dream wasn’t simply a dream but a premonition. It’s up to her and Bryce to save the world from the doomsday sickness that will kill everyone – in a manner of speaking.
They soon learn the zombies aren’t the only horrors that await them in the new fight-or-die world. They battle by each other’s side as the infection spreads globally.

Also by this author: Infection (Zombie Girl 2), Scarlett, Retribution

I thought that this story published on the 11th and so I thought that I had time to write my review before the release day.  Well I was wrong and it published on the 10th, so I am a day late, but hopefully not a dollar short.


When I went to visit Melanie two weeks ago, I didn’t do a lot, I read almost nothing, watched some really good movies that I had not seen before, and just had a really good time.  Well the two books I read were Elle Klass’s Premonition and Infection. By reading I meant I devoured them, they were that good.  My only complaint is that because of their titles you know what is going to happen.


Following up on the first book, Maddie realizes that her dream wasn’t just a dream, and with the help of her friend Bryce, not only do they change their shared premonition, but push what teenagers are capable of.  From the US to Europe, Zombies are everywhere, but so are those that need help.


This story is full of surprises, like you think you know what is going to happen and then the author throws in a twist that makes you put down the book, just to let your brain catch up with what you just read.  I mean seriously I had to digest what she did before I could continue reading.  I really enjoyed it, and I know there is going to be another one, at least I hope there is, because while the story could end here, I hope it doesn’t.





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