Immortality Stolen (The Mortal One #2) by Shannon Bell

Immortality Stolen

By: Shannon Bell
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 316
Series: The Mortal Ones #2
Published on: November 5, 2014
Immortality Stolen (The Mortal One #2) by Shannon Bell

Dylan is now dealing with being the mortal one and her feelings for both Nico and Olivier. There are zombies in Paris, two vampires vying for her attention, and she's trying to make it out with her heart and dignity intact.

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Immortality Stolen continues the story of Dylan, Nico, and friends. It was a good continuation of the story and we continue to get more and more information about the characters.


I liked the whole zombies in Paris thing Bell did. I enjoyed meeting Gregorio the Necromancer and the way that whole situation played out. I thought it was creative in the way they were raised, controlled, and handled.


I didn’t care for how easily Dylan went along with Olivier. That didn’t sit right with me at all. It made me think she was too easily swayed in her decision making processes. So far, I think most of her decisions have been made without much thought to the consequences.


Overall this was a good read. I liked how the author has continued with the story and the roles that the secondary characters play. I like how we continue to get to know them without them overtaking the story. It’s well written, and I think the author shows growth in her writing abilities. Not that they were bad to begin with, they just seem a little more mature.


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About Shannon Bell

Shannon Bell grew up in Florida and has always dreamed about vampires - and still secretly hopes they exist. She is married to someone who tolerates her crazy story-telling about Romania and has a daughter she hopes will have the same enthusiasm for vampires when she grows up that her mommy does.
Shannon has a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida as well as an online degree in vampirology. She loves writing about vampires, romance, and anything that has to do with food and traveling. She also loves things that go bump in the night!

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