ihunt by David Hill

iHunt: Killing Monsters in the Gig Economy

By: David Hill
Pages: 269
Published on: August 10, 2017
ihunt by David Hill

It's like Uber, but for slaying monsters!

Lana is a monster hunter. She kills vampires, werewolves, demons and all the other terrifying creatures of the night. She doesn't do it because she's the chosen one. She doesn't do it because it's her duty. She does it because working one job just doesn't cut it for a millenial in Southern California.

She takes contracts using iHunt, an app which freelance monster hunters use to find profitable prey. It's like Supernatural meets Uber, Buffy meets Airbnb, and sadly, Blade meets Fiverr.

Lana's story is about making ends meet, about economic anxiety, and about what a person's willing to do to pay the bills. It's a equal parts horror, dark humor, slice of life, and social commentary on the gig economy.

I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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This review request came through our email.  The synopsis made the book sound really good. It sounded awesome and something that I would do if it existed. Obviously, I needed to read it. I was not disappointed and I believe that you, the reader, will also greatly enjoy it.


Everyone knows what Uber and Lyft are.  They are apps that you can click your location and someone drives up and picks you up and takes you where you need to go.  It is relatively new, like 5 years and it has revolutionized the way that people without vehicles or who are vacationing can travel. I have personally used it in Seattle and there are good and bad, the same with everything, but I liked it for the most part.  It is cheaper than the taxi cabs in the same region.


This book is a combination between travel apps and websites like freelancer or upwork. These pages are where you can pick jobs that fit your abilities. Once finished, you send proof, and the clients pay. Ihunt is a mobile phone app that monster hunters can click on jobs. You only apply to jobs that are worth your time.  Reason vary on why you pick a job. Sometimes that deals with the fee offered.  Other times it may be the monster contracted. Once accepted, the hunter starts the job. After completion, you provide proof, and the client reviews it. If they agree, you get paid through the app.


So this book is really good, the main character, a woman, likes to kill certain monsters, not just for ease of kill, but also because of the price.  The problem with these type of apps is that you never know who is proposing the job, and sometimes it may not be as clear cut as you may think it is.  Clients can create a job that has ulterior motives that the freelancer or “hunter” doesn’t know about.  This throws in wrenches in what could be an easy job. A client can decrease the fee if they decide to. This may be due to unsatisfactory performance, or personal reasons. Knowing from personal experience, it is annoying. If you have bills to pay, it makes it nay impossible to survive without a second job.


This story is really good, it has humor, it has sadness, it has everything you want in a book honestly.  The story is a good length and keeps your attention. Never once did I start to skim and in some books that’s a hard thing to say.    The main character has personality. The story has a whole has a fast paced and somewhat funny voice which I enjoyed. There are many different characters, and they all have their own personalities. You can like, hate, love, dislike characters by their own personalities and not by how other characters feel about them.






About David Hill

I’m a writer and game designer based out of Japan. In the games industry, I’ve written extensively for Vampire: The Masquerade—that’s my most well-known book. #iHunt is my second book, following up Blood Flow, a vampire novel set in the same world. I’ve also been featured in a number of anthologies.

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