Ignite: A Prequel Novella by Cassia Briar

Ignite: A Prequel Novella (Academy Obscura, #0)

By: Cassia Briar
Genres: Paranormal Reverse Harem
Pages: 118
Series: Academy Obscura #0
Publisher: LLC
Published on: September 1, 2020
Ignite: A Prequel Novella by Cassia Briar

Attending university was supposed to be an exciting, liberating experience, not a threat to my life.

I was your average pre-law student, with a predictable and bright future. Until I meet the gorgeous, mysterious bad boy Tyler Chase. His intoxicating presence changes my whole world.

One night I see something I'm not supposed to, and Tyler’s actions resurrect a dangerous secret. That secret, hidden for generations, puts me and my family at risk for a fate worse than death.
How can I keep us safe in a suddenly perilous world teeming with deadly supernaturals?

Author’s Note: This is an Academy Obscura prequel novella that leads into a whychoose/RH series. Contains language, steamy scenes, violence, and possibly triggering situations. Recommended for mature readers.
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Also by this author: Academy Obscura: The Culling Year, The Culling Year - Winter Term (Academy Obscura, #2), Academy Obscura: The Searing Trials

I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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This is not just a review it is also a release day blitz!! Cassia is releasing “Ignite” a Prequel novella to the Academy Obscura series today, September 1. Link is at the bottom of the post.


Come hang out with Cassia Briar as she tells the first semester from Caprice’s best friend’s point of view.  If you have not read the first book in the Academy Obscura book, then you can still read this. Just ignore when I talk about caprice.


Elena is Caprice’s best friend since Sophomore year of High School. They had planned on going to college together. Right before fall term started, Caprice started to speak to ‘family’ in Oregon. Family she didn’t know was alive. To make matters worse, she found this old weird college to go to on the other side of the US from her best friend.


Elena had met a guy at a party that went south right before Caprice left for Oregon. She couldn’t get him out of his mind no matter how hard she tried. Even with her new roommates recount how bad he is, she still thinks about him constantly. He even smells really good.


Tyler, a Fae knows that he shouldn’t mingle with the freshman Elena, especially since she is a human. His friends tell him to stay away, but even the fear of pain and possible torture can’t keep him from seeking her out. In some ways, he feels drawn to her.


When Elena starts to find her self in a potentially dangerous position, does Tyler start to really realize that she may be more than he was asking for. But will that stop him from agreeing with his friends on what type of relationship he should have, if any with her?


This is a shorter story that follows what happens during the first term of Academy Obscura book 1, which follows Caprice in her roll as student and new found family member.  Elena is left to fend for herself, and when she realizes that Caprice may not be who she says she is, it hurts. Which of course it does, if you have ever had a best friend lie to you, or not really tell you the entire truth. It stings, and can sting for awhile.


Elena is essentially thrown into a new school and new friend group. She can’t even talk to her best friend because of weird school policies about phones. To top it off, Elena has a family medical condition that requires daily medication. Oh and a grandmother who used to tell stories about how evil paranormal folk were, even though paranormal folk don’t exist. Right?


I like this story a lot. After reading the first three books in the Academy Obscura series, and so it is nice to see what is going on with Elena during the time that Caprice is trying to figure herself out. I honestly thought about Elena a lot during the first three books because Caprice is her best friend, and Caprice kinda just drops off the face of the earth. Almost literally in some aspects. Add to that the East Coast/West Coast time difference, and you have a situation that makes it really hard for friends to stay connected.


These books aren’t super serious. They aren’t trying to decode the secrets to the universe. They are a fun, easy read. These books look into lives of a group of people that by happenstance are thrust into the same world. Not only are they trying to find their place in their own lives, but in the world as a whole. Throw in paranormal politics, and you have young adults just trying to survive. Sometimes figuratively, sometimes literally. This book has some heat to it. Not the level of heat that the main books have, but there is some. So if sex isn’t your thing, then maybe pass on these. Although the story is really good, and you may end up liking it after all.


You can read this by itself. However, I would really suggest you read all of Cassia’s books in the Academy Obscura series. They are really good, and I have it on good authority that she is publishing the 4th book in October. I can’t wait to see what happens to Caprice and Elena, if Elena makes an appearance.



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About Cassia Briar

I write paranormal romance. Right now I'm focusing on the Academy Obscura series. The last book is being written right now!

My next project is trilogy set in the Academy Obscura world, but not at school. It's inspired by themes from Beauty and the Beast. And it will be a reverse harem!

If you've read my books, feel free to add them to a list on here in the Listopia section. Doing so helps other readers find them. Thank you, you're awesome!

She has five cats, a hunky hubby, and lives in the woods near Portland, Oregon.

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