IBF Orlando Day 1


Andi here, have some downtime after the fanfare meet and greet at IBF Orlando. I just wanted to update everyone. So far I have seen some of the authors that I met at Coastal Magic all those years ago. I have also met new authors that I am now going to read because of this convention.


Book Fests, Conventions, conferences, whatever you want to call them are more than just going to panels and listening to people.  They are for meeting authors, bloggers, readers, industry professionals, etc in a laid back atmosphere.  I spent over 10 minutes talking to a best selling author about mundane every day things, because that is what this is for.  Not everything has to be about numbers or when the next book is coming out.  Looking at you Brynn :D.   No it is about connecting with people who love reading and love the act of creative writing as much as you do.


Will I buy from all the authors?  No, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t respect what they do. I will sit at a dinner table and talk to them. I will also tell my friends about their books.


It is okay not to like every genre, and you know what?  Authors get it, they know that not everyone is going to click with your books.  Be it Contemp Romance, or strong female led science fiction.  EEEP I am looking forward to that book.


Other than that, not much other than some really good industry panels about branding, marketing yourself, if you need to hire a PA/VA, and what the use of Social Media is in this every changing world of marketing.  Tomorrow promises to be just has jam packed, but instead of a meet and greet in the evening it is a PJ party, so you may or may not hear from me tomorrow.


Until next time.

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