Hunting Ground: And Other Stories by Will Svensen

Hunting Ground: And Other Stories (Gondolend Book 1)

By: Will Svensen
Pages: 186
Series: Gondolend #1
Publisher: Tyrant King Productions
Published on: May 8, 2015
Hunting Ground: And Other Stories by Will Svensen

Welcome to Gondolend, a fantastic world where man and dinosaur coexist. Written using the most up to date paleontology available, Gondolend features some of the most scientifically accurate dinosaurs in modern fiction. In this collection of stories and vignettes you will meet explorers, hunters, rangers, princesses, nomads, and simple herders, spanning a period of time from over a thousand years ago to the present day. In Hunting Ground, the sun-baked Samara grassland is in danger of becoming an abattoir as two mysterious predators unknown to science appear to wreak havoc among the local fauna, and a reckless amateur zoologist must race to document the animals before they're brought down by vengeful locals or a big-game hunter looking for some excitement. Then, in Long Summer Night, two rangers in a remote wildlife preserve at the edge of the known world find themselves caught out in a blizzard during the sunless polar winter, and must brave the elements and predators driven to desperation by hunger on a long and dangerous trek to safety. These and other stories await you, in this dinosaur-packed Gondolend anthology!

I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Andi's Review


This book is short stories, then a full-length story, and then more short stories.  With a disjointed flow, the book was difficult to read.  I originally thought it would be all short stories.  Although it had that serious issue, the overall a good story.  Anyways to the story itself.  This story is set in a world that dinosaurs not only live, but they are zoo attractions and even pets.


A possibly new dinosaur is on the loose, and everyone wants a piece of the pie.  A novice searcher stumbles onto evidence that not only does the dino exist, but it may be something never seen before.   Joining the search may result in her death or likely being a dino’s dinner.  She is not the only one, especially after this new dino starts noming on livestock.  The story is actually pretty sad if you look at it from the dinos perspective.  Well, I guess from her’s as well since she is not the most graceful of people.
The majority of this story is carried out well, however, the small stories are not.  Following the main story, there are short stories.  The initial story preceding the main story is a good introduction.  The short stories really do not fit, and feel like the author was trying to hit a set word goal.  All of the shorts directly relating to the main story would have made this book much better.   The book is complete following the main story, in my opinion.  Obviously being the first in the series, the shorts may have importance.


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