The Hunted: Whitebridge (A Thrill of the Hunt Horror Anthology)

The Hunted

Genres: Horror
Pages: 244
Series: Thrill of the Hunt
The Hunted: Whitebridge (A Thrill of the Hunt Horror Anthology)

Hundreds of years ago in the town of Whitebridge, Native and European alike fought evil and won. The result, a town disconnected from our reality except for one day a year, the longest day, the day of the summer solstice.
Unfortunately the evil they thought beaten has just been biding its time. As generations have worked toward reconnecting with our world, some are content with the evil that surfaces once a year. With disappearances and random deaths of both residents and outsiders increasing, factions fight to either free the town or condemn it for all eternity.
Join the TOTH authors as they tell the story of Whitebridge, from Dani Lyons the current town Sheriff who begins to discover the truth of what has been going on, to Ariane Nantuck, one of the towns oldest residents who holds more secrets than anyone knows, to Billy Bane, who always appears crazy as a fox or is he just crazy.
No one person knows the truth, will you?


The Hunted is a horror anthology like no other. All of the stories take place in the unique little town of Whitebridge. What is so unique about Whitebridge you ask? Well, you can only find the town during the summer solstice. The rest of the time it doesn’t seem to exist.


The Thrill of the Hunt anthology series is one that I’ve been enjoying from its inception several years ago. Each year, there are new topics and new authors to “meet” and enjoy. This version is no different when it comes to the variety of stories and authors.


You may be wondering why, if it is so great did I only gave it 3 stars/fangs. Well, to be honest, I didn’t love this book as I did the others. Not because the writing was bad or the stories sucked or anything like that. It’s mainly because I had a lot of trouble following the book. There was no real timeline. While all of the stories occur in the same area, some of them share characters as well and the overlap can cause some confusion. I had a very hard time following along, but others may not.


Like I said, the writing itself is good, so don’t shy away from The Hunted because I had trouble, you may have a totally different experience. I do recommend this book to anyone looking for possibly new to them authors in a world they’ve not been to before.


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