Housebroken by The Behrg


By: The Behrg
Pages: 316
Publisher: Pricks Like Thorn Media
Published on: March 17th 2015

"It was a kidnapping, but in all the wrong ways. No ransom, no demands; there was nothing they wanted--other than to observe."
When Blake Crochet and his family are taken hostage in their own home, they are forced to act out their everyday lives under the observance of two psychotic kidnappers. Each moment Blake must pit the decision to follow their captors' rules against the potential catastrophe of a failed escape.
He soon learns that the consequences of both action and inaction are more terrifying than he imagined. As Blake's life erodes beneath him, secrets come to light that threaten to destroy his family before their kidnappers have a chance.
Secrets carry consequences too.
As the motives behind the kidnapping are revealed, Blake must sacrifice everything to hold on to the ever-shifting definition of what his family has become. In his battle for survival, he will face the ultimate consequence: for to fight a devil, you may have to become one yourself.

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Wow. What a completely disturbing book! Housebroken is one hell of a wild ride. From beginning to end, I had no idea what these psychos were going to pull next. It was incredibly creative as well as sick and twisted. This is a true horror book if there ever was one. I believe there are different types of horror. There are make believe (we hope) monsters and there are people monsters. Housebroken is about people monsters.


The family has its problems, like any family, but once the villains show up, all hell breaks loose. Seriously. They are played against one another in ways that I would never want to imagine my family having to experience. The torture is demented and unique. These characters are the epitome of evil.


There are a lot of plot twists and terrible surprises. Just plain cruelty in places. I was kept guessing as to what the motivation was or what this “experiment” was really meant to learn. I felt terrible for the guy whose family was taken hostage. They all had a lot of baggage, but no one should have to experience what they did.


Housebroken was a really well written, graphic and unusual book. I can’t say it was like anything else I’ve ever read. I’m really looking forward to reading more from this author. I would recommend this book to anyone who doesn’t mind people monsters and a lot of violence.


5 fangs

**I received a review copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion

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About The Behrg

The Behrg is the author of literary works ranging from screenplays to 'to-do' lists. His debut novel, Housebroken, was a First-Round Kindle Scout Selection, and semi-finalist in the 2015 Kindle Book Awards. His latest novel, The Creation, is the first in a dark supernatural trilogy about a ‘god-like’ being starting the seven days of the Creation over again. Books two and three are due out in 2016. The Behrg’s ‘to-do’ list should be completed by 2017... (though his wife is hoping for a little sooner).

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