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So Oregon is where Andi was born and raised.  Now Oregon doesn’t have the history or hauntings that Florida has, but it can hold its own against some other states.  There are pretty spooky places here.  Growing up we used to always go to Shaniko anytime that we were going North.  It was a ghost town with only a hotel that was running, and it wasn’t running that well.  Now however, there has been a small, yet visible resurgence, with not only the hotel running, but a small shop, people are moving back in, and I mean there probably is 10 people that live there now instead of just the hotel owners.


There are a lot of places that I could name that are “spooky” that I visited when I was a kid, but now they are bustling, growing locations that don’t have the darkness surrounding them anymore.  I think some of this has to do with how big Oregon is getting, and how people are moving out of the urban core and finding these small logging towns and such and breathing life back into them.  It makes my heart warm.  Anyways on to the spooky.


Portland, Oregon – Thought of as the spookiest town in Oregon, Portland is big, it is old, and there is some spooky stuff that happens.


The Pittock Mansion has had numerous accounts of ghost sightings by visitors, and weirdly a painting of the builder and original owner, moves from room to room as if it could move itself.  Yeah that is pretty creepy, but could be explained by a hooligan who works there right?  Maybe, but this place is HUGE, and it normally happens after hours.  Could be that Mr. Pittock likes to see different rooms occasionally, nothing wrong with that.  This is also a location that you tour, more for the beauty and less for the ghosts, but who knows, you make meet Mr. Pittock himself.


Pittock Mansion


Many consider the Bagdad Theatre haunted.  Built in the 1920s by Universal pictures.  Designed with some morrish motifs, which was very common for movie theatres during this time. Inside there was a fountain and a stage with a middle eastern design. and they even had female ushers who wore uniforms that caused them to appear Arabian.  Oregon made One Flew Over the Cockoo’s Nest premiered for the first time in 1975.   Bought by the McMenamins, an Oregon-based company that buys old buildings and renovates them back to their original glory.  I have personally been in it and it a little creepy, but not horribly so.  Obviously I have only been in it with many other people, so if there were ghosts hanging around, no one could likely hear them. I am sure that those who died in the building or spent much of their time in the building have come back.


Bagdad Theatre – Modern Era


Shanghai Tunnels – Portland is an old town, and during the years 1850-1941 where the basements of portland buildings were interconnected with tunnels.  These tunnels created an unique method for individuals to kidnap individuals to place into slavery.  It was known as “shanghaiing” when able body men were drugged and kidnapped to the port where they were placed on ships that were destined for the Orient.  It got to such a place where there were trap doors that would “dead-drop” the men into the tunnels.  It wasn’t just men that were kidnapped, but women were also sold into prostitution. During the prohibition era nationally, most of the bars were required to move ‘underground’ and in Portland bars it was literal.  They would move into the tunnels which just assisted men and women to be shipped to the Orient easier than before.

Inside the tunnels – Modern


There have been some books on the issue, and you can take tours of the tunnels.  Currently there is a bar that is small on the street level, but when you go downstairs, that is where a larger, darker bar is located and there is actually a door that you can enter the tunnels, but it is locked, at least it has been every time that I went down there.  The Shanghai Tunnel Bar is underground, and awesome.  Yes most of their drinks are Orient based, like Dragon Tears and Kung Fu Hustle.  They also have tons of Orient inspired food.  It is also right around the corner from Voodoo Donuts, which if you haven’t been there, seriously amazing.


They believe that upwards of 2000 people were taken a year.  However there are a lot of people who don’t believe that anyone was actually kidnapped. The belief is that illegal activities happened down there, but nothing like kidnapping, more like Opium dens, brothels, etc.  So obviously there are some spirits that haunt the tunnels.  Men and women who died before they came back home, individuals who overdosed on Opium.  Honestly you name it, and they probably have it down there.  Many believe that it is just so much energy that has been imbedded into the walls that resonate.  Others believe that there are actually walking intelligent beings down there.  Take a tour, and figure it out yourself 🙂


Portland isn’t the only town to have tunnels,  Seattle, Baker City, Pendleton, and even The Dalles are known to have tunnels.  Most of them, especially in The Dalles have been filled in during public work projects, but there are some in Seattle that you can tour.


See Oregon Part 2 for creepy locations outside of Portland.


Do you know of a place in Portland, Oregon that is creepy?  Let us know.

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