Horror State – Florida Part 2


Welcome back to the second part of the Horror State – Florida.  If you haven’t read the first one, check it out.

Devil’s Tree – In Oak Hammock Park near Port St. Lucie, Florida, there is an Oak tree that has been named “Devil’s Tree”.  The stories behind it vary, but they all have the same common theme.  One story goes that two young girls were assaulted and hung at the tree. The killer then took the bodies down and buried them beneath the tree.


Another similar story tells the tale of Gerard John Schaefer who on January 8, 1971 kidnapped two young girls, 19 year olds Collette Goodenough and Barbara Ann Wilcox, while they were hitchhiking. He then bound, gagged, assaulted, hung, and then buried them. In 1977 two men discovered bones near the base of the tree.  There are accounts of hearing girls screaming when near the tree, and satanic worshipers have been reported hanging around the base.


Shafer Tree – Also known as Devil’s Tree


Whatever story you want to believe, or not believe, one thing is true, this tree has bad history surrounding it.   Due to the ghastly nature of their deaths, many called for the tree to be removed, however, it is not that simple, and no matter the method, the tree has continued to thrive.  Chainsaws have quit working, and hand saws have had their teeth break off.  Yes, they’re could be good explanations for it, but for many it shows that this tree is imbued with the girl’s spirits.



St. Augustine – If you’ve never been to St. Augustine, you should definitely add it to your list of places to visit. Settled by the Spanish, it is truly the nation’s oldest city, founded in 1565,  just over 40 years BEFORE Jamestown . One of the many things it is known for is paranormal encounters. From Flagler College (formerly the Ponce De Leon Hotel), Castillo San Marco and the city gates to St. George’s Tavern, there are ghost stories on every corner.


Obviously, there are going to be many spooktacular locations.  Depending on what type of location that you like going to, St. Augustine has it all, from the Haunted Jail to a Military Hospital and a lighthouse.  One thing to remember when you are out late at night, this town is very old, and not everyone that frequented locations in the past are friendly, especially if they chose to stay around.  Our suggestions would be to hit the St. Augustine Old Jail, where inmates were not only crammed in but notoriously mistreated to get some of that evil, negative element.  The jail is considered one of the most haunted locations in all of St. Augustine, which honestly is saying a lot.  If you want more of a run of the mill experience, then visit and even stay at the Casablanca Inn, a bay side bed and breakfast that has a history of bootlegging during the prohibition.  The owner had to keep alcohol for her patrons right?  Well, not all bootleggers are fun loving like the Dukes and Hazard.


Melanie went on a ghost hunt a few months ago at Antiques and Uniques Collectibles on Aviles St. hosted through Paraforce investigations. Melanie has always been hesitant about deciding if she believes in ghosts or not, so she was somewhat skeptical going into it. There were several odd things that happened but the biggest thing that occurred was when she was sitting in the closet that is known for activity believed to be children. The flashlight turns itself off and falls over several times, and then right after one of the times that happens, Melanie felt something brush up against her arm and then touch her hairline.


St. Augustine Old Jail

Here are some books that we personally like that have more information about Florida and the Paranormal that reside there.


Ghosts of Florida’s Gulf Coast

Ghosts of America – Florida

Ghosts of St. Augustine

Wierd Florida


Do you know of another place in Florida that is haunted that you would like us to spotlight?  Have you had a personal experience at one of these locations?  Do you own a company that specializes in showing people the haunted and morbid?  Comment on this post, or send us a message.

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