Happy New Years!!!

Good morning readers and followers.  Well if you are anything like us you either stayed up WAY to late last night and have a bloody good hangover, or you went to sleep at 9pm, missed the drinking and were up way to early this morning.


Melanie and I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Years.




Did all of you ghouls and witches get what you wanted for Christmas?  Was it to see us?  Because you can for just the price of a ticket to the Coastal Magic Convention that is taking place the first week of February in Daytona Beach Florida.  Yes I am actually going to be flying across the country to drink with Melanie.


Other super important things going on, we are doing our annual Bloody Good Reviews in February.  This year we are trying to find 28 days of 5 stars.  You know how picky we are and we have been saving up so expect some great books to come flying your way.


I started reading more after Christmas and hope to keep it going.  You can see my current reading tally on the “About Us” page where I list how many books I am reading and how many I have in queue.  I try to put the date so you all know.  If that helps you throw us a message so I know I am not spending my time doing something everyone dislikes.


I think I may get a new tattoo(s) this year, I have been hankering for awhile and so new ink is coming, don’t know what yet, but I will share the minute that I get it, okay maybe the hour I get it.


Melanie is trying not to be sick over New Years, so you may or may not hear from her on this post.

bye bye lovelies \/”’\/

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