Happy Halloween


Another Halloween is upon us, and today Melanie and I are mostly taking the day off from the blog to participate in the Halloween shenanigans.


Halloween means different things to different people. For me, it is close to my birthday and I feel at peace during that time. It isn’t that my birthday is close because truth be told, I didn’t always have a good birthday. What it is is on that day I can be myself without people judging.  Judging that I like to wear “strange” clothes. That I am sometimes off the wall happy and other times I am sad.  I love the color black and creepy stuff.


When I met Melanie, I realized that other people are like that. They like the dark, the creepy, and the profane.  It isn’t a bad thing, but it is a thing.  It is something that not everyone understands or wants to, and that is okay. I love the dark, but I don’t particularly like most horror movies, and I hate clowns. Some people have nightmares about Freddy Kruger, and Melanie likes him.


It goes to show that we all should be open minded. Even if you meet someone who looks different, or talks different, it doesn’t mean you won’t get along with them. When I went to Dubai I had a young girl walk up to me at the airport and start talking to me. She is from Kuwait and had all of these questions about the United States and what it is like to be non-Muslim. We sat and talked for hours.  We are still friends on Facebook and even though we are part of two completely different cultures and societies, we connected on a level.


Take your time, enjoy your surroundings, you never know who you may meet. So go out tonight, enjoy your evening, and get that candy 🙂



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