Happy Birthday Andi!!!


Andi here.  Today is my birthday and instead of waiting until the end of the year, I wanted to do a quick recap. This year has been great, I am a substitute teacher, I got to go to Florida to lay on the couch… I mean beach with Melanie TWICE!!!.  We are doing well on reviews, I read so far 126 books this year.


I get a little sentimental around my birthday.  From my 16th Birthday until my 23rd birthday every year was bad. I got into car accidents, I had issues with significant others, it was just not good.  When I turned 24, I was actually almost a year into being with my partner, and he made sure he came back from his deployment for me.  Well I mean he had his R & R and so he decided to come back from Iraq for my birthday.  Since then he has almost always been home for my birthday.


In my many years on Earth I have realized some stuff, tried some businesses that didn’t work out, have had over 13 different jobs and I keep coming back to reading.  Why?  Because I grew up with it, I love it, and I believe truly that I have lived a 1000 lives.  My tastes may change, I may read different genres as it suits me, but I will always be the Panda who reads.


If you feel the need to get me a gift, I have a bunch of books that I want 😉  But don’t get me the Fiesty Panda, I already got one of those.  And boy is he Feisty.  He was running amok at the school I taught last week. Food missing, Zumba class ruined, Art Class trashed.


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