Hangry as Hell, A Freaky Florida Novella by Ward Parker

Hangry as Hell

By: Ward Parker
Publisher: Mad Mangrove
Hangry as Hell, A Freaky Florida Novella by Ward ParkerFind the Author: Website, Twitter, Goodreads


What happens to those humans who become vampires later in life? I don’t mean middle age, I mean those humans who are 79, 80, or even older who find themselves now a vampire. Do they continue to hunt out in the towns. I mean can you imagine that? A 80 year old who is stumbling along trying to attack a much younger person? Sure they still have their speed, but do they also have the weaknesses that come with age?


Ward Parker details just this in Hangry as Hell. In this novella, a retirement home of sorts exists in Florida that caters to elderly vampires. Again not those who are 1500 years old in a 20 year old body, but those who are 1500 years old in a 90 year old body. Not only in this story about the retirement community, but also what happens when those who are too old to fend for themselves and rely on blood. What then happens if that blood is taken forcefully from them?


For a novella there is a lot going on in this story, but it all comes together. Even when it adds in werewolves, witches, and some normal run of the mill cats. At least I think they were normal run of the mill. I really enjoyed this fast paced story. It has character builder which you lose sometimes with a novella. There are also characters in it that you grow to like or in some cases feel bad for. All in all a solid story with solid characters and a solid plot, honestly this story could be happening in any retirement community in the world, but knowing Florida the way I do, I would say that it would likely start in Florida.


One thing to note, this is a novella for the awesome “Freaky Florida” series that is all about paranormals in Florida. From Werewolves to Vampires and everything in between.



About Ward Parker

I’m a rare species in Florida: a resident who was actually born here. However, at the age of two I was brought north by parents who mistakenly thought I’d remain small and cute like the baby alligators Florida tourists bring home.

After growing up in Connecticut, I attended the University of Pennsylvania and Kings College, London. I have worked for TV Guide Magazine, a Colorado newspaper, an Arkansas TV station and advertising agencies in Dallas, Miami and New York City. At one time, I lived in a funky cottage community that had formerly been a pineapple plantation. It was on Florida’s Indian River, in a place once called Eden. That town has disappeared from the maps, but has been resurrected in Pariah, the first of the Zeke Adams series of mystery novels.

I’m a founding partner of Brown Parker & DeMarinis, a South Florida ad agency that works with hospitals. My admiration for the people in healthcare is reflected in the character of Missy, the home-health nurse in the Freaky Florida urban fantasy series, and in Dr. Follett of The Teratologist historical paranormal suspense series.

I’m a member of the Mystery Writers of America and an Active member of the Horror Writers Association. My short fiction has appeared in numerous genre, literary and mainstream publications. I enjoy reading, photography, beachcombing, kayak fishing and spending time with my wife and cats.

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