Hands of the Healer by Allie Marie

Hands of the Healer: The Christmas Emerald (The True Colors Series #4)

By: Allie Marie
Genres: historical
Pages: 197
Series: True Colors Series #4
Publisher: Nazzaro And Price
Published on: March 19, 2018
Hands of the Healer by Allie Marie

Clothiste’s Inn. Charming—or haunted?
Lt. Commander Kirby Lawrence, down-to-earth Navy physician, doesn’t believe the rumors of supernatural events or ancestral ghosts long associated with the newly-remodeled Bed and Breakfast. Even the discovery of old family jewels and a buried skeleton can be explained.
He may soon have to rethink his denial of paranormal activity, however. His heirloom emerald ring pulses and glows on his finger. And he can’t forget the image he once saw in an antique mirror at the inn. The face that stared back at him wasn’t his reflection. Unexpected events thwart his every attempt to pursue answers. When he at last stands before the old mirror again, he comes face-to-face with his colonial ancestors in the midst of the American Revolution. Trapped in an 18th century race against time, Kirby faces the deadliest troubles imaginable, unsure how he will return to his own time, or to the woman he left behind.
If he survives.

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This is the fourth book in the series. Each story is based on an individual and how they may or may not be related to the ghosts that seem to frequent Clothiste’s inn. Well not just the inn but also the other buildings that are part of the group of houses. The ghosts are both good and bad, and it is the bad ghosts that are causing all the issues.


This story is different than the others in that it goes back and forth in time. The first three are set in modern times with flash backs to what is happening in the lives of the sisters. For this story the author actually has the main character being transported back in time. The main character, Kirby is engaged to a woman, a physician in the Navy, and at a Halloween party that takes place at the Inn, he comes face to face with himself, or someone who looks like him. It isn’t a living breathing person, but someone in a mirror.


These books are really good. You can tell that the author doesn’t just write one story, but essentially two stories. The current story that is happening, and the one that took place in the past. Those two stories run through all the books. What is interesting about this book versus the others is that these stories run into each other. Unlike the others where they are separate, these hit each other in different time periods.


I like the author, not only her writing style, but her as a person. After meeting her at a book convention, I went on to read three more of her books. These books are really enjoyable. I look forward to reading the next one in the series.


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About Allie Marie

Author Allie Marie grew up in Virginia. Her favorite childhood pastime was reading Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden mysteries. When she embarked on a new vocation writing fiction after retiring from a career in law enforcement, it would have been understandable if her first book was a crime story. Researching her own family tree inspired her to write the True Colors Series instead. The other stories are patiently waiting their turn.

Her debut novel, Teardrops of the Innocent: The White Diamond Story, was a 2015 New England Readers' Choice Award Finalist in paranormal. The second in the series, Heart of Courage: The Red Ruby Story released in May 2016 and earned Best Book in the 2017 IRC Awards. February 2017 saw the release of the third book, Voice of the Just: The Blue Sapphire Story. The fourth book, Hands of the Healer: The Christmas Emerald, releases in 2018.A fifth and final book in the True Colors Series will be released later in 2018.

Besides family, her passions are travel and camping with her husband Jack.

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