Halloween House Party by Emily Stringer

Halloween House Party

By: Emily Wesley Stringer
Genres: Horror
Pages: 51
Published on: October 3, 2017
Halloween House Party by Emily Stringer

Twin brothers, Chris and Craig along with their roommate Goober have been planning a blowout Halloween party for months. It's their senior year of college, their last time to really throw down.
When an unfortunate accident meets wrong place at the wrong time, the boys are determined not to let the setback literally crash their party. As the Halloween shenanigans continue, an escaped psycho killer joins the party for his own breed of murderous fun.
*Contains violence, strong language, and sexual situations which might not be appropriate for all readers.*

Also by this author: The Bride Wore Brains, The Bride Wore Brains

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Halloween House Party is the second book I’ve read by Emily Wesley Stringer. I adored the first book, and I absolutely loved the second as well. She has never let me down. Her writing style is blunt but creative and gory, just how I like my horror stories.


While this story is quite short and somewhat predictable, it contains all the action of a horror movie only in written form. Halloween House Party is full of amazing imagery that I never thought possible. Stringer really knows how to create a picture of disturbing and graphic violence.


I’ll be honest, don’t expect to be intellectually stimulated by this book. There is no “come to Jesus” moments. It is a little bit ridiculous in its believability, but it really is similar to your ever-popular slasher movies. If you took Halloween and Friday the 13th and smashed them together, you would get Halloween House Party.


I recommend Halloween House Party to anyone who likes an outrageous, yet sickeningly entertaining slasher film in book form. This book isn’t for the faint of heart, but you do need to have a sense of humor while reading it.

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About Emily Wesley Stringer

Emily Wesley Stringer lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her husband and dog, Bloo.
She enjoys writing humor, horror, and mystery.
Her first eBook, "The Bride Wore Brains", was published in October 2015.

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