Guest Post by Angela Louise McGurk

Guest Post by Angela Louise McGurk


By: Angela Louise McGurk
Genres: Paranormal Romance, urban fantasy
Pages: 369
Series: The Vampire Alliance #2
Publisher: Self Published
Published on: February 4, 2014
Guest Post by Angela Louise McGurk

ISBN: 978-0-9927894-1-1

Cover Design by Angela McGurk
Photography by Matt McGurk Photography 

Eve hadn’t wanted a second marriage, she wanted to remain happily unmarried rather than curse another good man to Rob’s fate. If only Tul had listened to her protestations. Instead the Senate are intent on making her relive her own personal hell. Worse, the instrument they seem intent on using to bring about her suffering is the creature, the merciless drone they’d created from all that remained of Rob.

The world seems to be conspiring against Eve and the Alliance, and even among Johan’s band of rebels not everyone is happy to have Eve as part of the group. With Tul missing and friends few on the ground, Eve begins to slip back into the pit of despair which had once consumed her and that may just lead her to behave more recklessly than ever before. Mistakes have consequences however, and for Eve the consequences of her actions may just decide the course of the future.

Is there a way to save Tul? Does anything of Rob remain in the Senate controlled puppet his body’s become? More importantly, why are the Senate determined to take control of Eve and just how far will they go to gain possession of her?



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For today’s post, I have a special guest post from author Angela McGurk. Angela is the author of The Vampire Alliance series. The Vampire Alliance series includes the books Absolution,  the recently released Allegiance, and the upcoming final book, Antithesis 



The Vampire Government’s
Surveillance Regime is Exposed!!


We’ve recently received a file of information from Johan Heinemann, leader of the Alliance. This file contained surveillance information stolen from the Senate including information about Johan’s vampire line and Eve Blakethorn-Sullivan’s heritage. While some of the information is classified, Johan has agreed that we can share a little of it with you.

Below is a chart commissioned by the Senate showing the vampires Johan is known to have sired, as well as some the Senate suspect to be his descendants.


Angela McGurk - Fang Freaking tastic Reviews Guest Blog Image 001 - 21 March 2014


Also among the documents were a few photographs of Eve which must have been collected by Enforcers and the Senate’s CCTV network. The images are frightening reminders of how easy the Senate can find those they wish to spy on.


Angela McGurk - Fang Freakin Tastic Reviews Guest Blog Image 002 - 21 March 2014


Angela McGurk - Fang Freaking Tastic Reviews Guest Blog Image 003 - 21 March 2014


Most heartbreaking is the copy of Robert Blakethorn’s execution notice. We imagine it must have been hard for Eve to see this, considering she’d only just married him when this document was issued. We cannot imagine what it would’ve been like for Robert as a vampire, an immortal, to face execution and death.


 Angela McGurk - fang freaking Tastic Reviews Guest Blog Image 004 - 21 March 2014


When we asked Johan what he felt about the Senate’s surveillance of him, and of Eve Blakethorn-Sullivan, he issued the following statement.

“The Alliance, myself included, has always expected to come under the Senate’s scrutiny. We have been a rebel force opposing their regime since our formation and so their investigation of myself, my line and the Alliance was not hugely shocking. What did surprise us was the effort the Senate have put into following Eve Blakethorn-Sullivan. Their surveillance of her, even while she was human, goes beyond what would be expected, even though she was the wife of an executed Northern Chief.

While the Senate’s investigations were alarming to discover, the Alliance will always do what it can to protect Eve Blakethorn-Sullivan. She is part of my line, part of the Alliance and part of my family; that alone ensure she has my support whenever possible.”

Further information on the Senate’s oppression of the vampire people can be found in the book commissioned by the Alliance and written by Angela Louise McGurk. Books one and two in the Vampire Alliance series, Absolution and Allegiance, are available to buy on Amazon’s .com,, and .ca sites. Allegiance: The Vampire Alliance Book Two by Angela Louise McGurk was released in February and is now available to buy at



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