Gore Girls by Jackson Dean Chase Release Day!

A few weeks ago I received a review request from an author I had never heard of. This author turned out to be Jackson Dean Chase. He’s got several books out and his anthology, Gore Girls, releases today. I’ve now read all of his books. This is one author you guys will be seeing more of here on Fang Freakin’ Tastic!

Gore Girls

By: Jackson Dean Chase
Genres: Girls & Women, Horror, Young Adult
Pages: 134
Series: Young Adult Horror #4
Published on: March 13, 2015
Gore Girls by Jackson Dean Chase Release Day!

The Ultimate Bloodbath of Young Adult Horror!

These pages are packed with zombies, cannibals, demons, witches, and worse! Get ready for the most disgusting, insane tales ever, plus morbid poems for damaged minds...

You get 40 stories and poems for one low price! Be sure and collect all the Young Adult Horror series (#1: Come to the Cemetery, #2: The Werewolf Wants Me, and #3: The Haunting of Hex House).

Also by this author: The Werewolf Wants Me, Drone, Lost Girls: Twisted Tales & Poems


Melanie’s Review


Wow. Just Wow. This book totally caught me by surprise. It’s full of dark poetry and dark short stories that make my black little heart sneer in delight. Jackson Dean Chase is definitely on my radar as an author to keep an eye on in the future.


Each story is full of pain and horror. At the end of the first story, I actually gasped out loud (and may have uttered my favorite F word) to the point where my husband asked what was wrong. He thought I had seen a spider or something! The best part is that this happened several other times while reading this book!


His stories are from the perspective of teen girls. I’m not talking the pretty girls in school either. I’m talking every girl who felt like she might not be the most popular girl in school. The girl who sat alone at lunch or had a small group of friends that she was comfortable-ish around. How this author can do such an amazing job of narrating from that point of view is beyond me. He perfectly captures the feelings of being that angst ridden, awkward teen girl. I know because I was that girl.


The stories and poems in Gore Girls, had I found them at 15, I would have thought they had been written either by or for me. Disturbingly enough, some of them can still be related to as an adult. Each story has its own message or purpose and damn, is this guy twisted.


I enjoyed every single minute of Gore Girls. So much so that I read all of his other books right afterwards. Trust me when I say the rest of his books are just as crazy good. I recommend this book to anyone who has ever felt like they might not have fit in at some point in their life.


5 fangs



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About Jackson Dean Chase

Jackson Dean Chase brings you Bold Visions of Dark Places. He is the author of the Horror Writers' Phrase Book, The Haunting of Hex House, The Werewolf Wants Me, Come to the Cemetery, Gore Girls, and other scary things...

He lives near Seattle with two cats and no fear.

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