The Golden Age of Film and Horror: 6 of the Greats

The Golden Age of Film and Horror: Six of the Greats and How They Impacted Modern Horror


Many people love horror movies. From spooky ghost to brain-eating zombies and blood-sucking monsters, nothing will beat a good horror movie in sending chills to our spines and making us cover our body with a large blanket at night. Since the early days of cinema, horror films have been a staple on every silver screen.


Taking cues from literary giants Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, and Mary Shelley, horror film directors have been haunting our dreams since the early 20th century. In 1910’s, we’ve seen how Frankenstein shocked the audience with his gigantic and peculiar face, and how Count Dracula made us think if vampires are just a mere myth or a possible reality.


For many decades, horror films are still popular at the box office – from Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook to James Wan’s The Conjuring and The Insidious. But despite the developments made to make the specters and monsters look more realistic, nothing will ever beat the shriek, rattle, and nostalgia that classic horror films bring to us. To know the six of the most iconic characters during the golden age film and horror, check out the infographic below from Chamber of Horrors NY.


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