Giovanni Meets a Coven by Kathy Bryson

Giovanni Meets a Coven

By: Kathy Bryson
Genres: Horror, Zombies
Pages: 112
Giovanni Meets a Coven by Kathy Bryson

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Having successfully dealt with his first zombie, Giovanni is looking forward to the upcoming semester. Then the accidents start, costing Giovanni two jobs, no end of embarrassment, and multiple contusions and abrasions!

Is it just bad luck or is the curse of the zombie out to get him? And which of the voodoo queens suddenly surrounding him can he trust to help out?

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Giovanni is your ordinary student, working two jobs trying to make it by and looking for a place to live with his massive dog.  He didn’t have a place to live and so he was staying in the Morgue, although because of his dog it was always just a matter of time before he would have to move out.  Being a student had its perks, and working the night shifts in a morgue wasn’t a perk. In fact the only reason he had the dog was because when a body on the table woke up and he then killed it, his guilt over the murder left him with a dog.  When Astral his beautiful co student and someone who happens to live in a house that has an extra room offers him a room he takes it as a sign that things may be looking up for him. Oh if only he knew.


I liked this story.  It is novella length so it is short, but full of weird characters and a dog that gets his nose into a lot of things.  There were places that made me laugh, and places that had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Apparently there is one before this and I think I saw there is one after this so I will be looking for those in the future.  


Overall fun read, not super serious but it does have some serious aspects to it.  Go pick it up, it is worth it.


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About Kathy Bryson

Kathy Bryson is the award-winning author of a series of leprechaun romances as well as the adventures of a hapless med student. She’d like to say she’s climbed tall mountains, rappelled off cliffs, and saved small children, but actually she tends to curl up and read, is a life-long advocate of Ben & Jerry’s, and caters to 2 spoiled cats. She has degrees in advertising and literature and runs a college writing center, so she can claim to have saved a few term papers.

The Med School Series follows the adventures of Giovanni as he navigates med school and uncovers the hidden secrets where the twisted worlds of the supernatural and medical science collide!

Shakespeare may have brought a long-standing feud to light in 1590 , but it's heating up today on a small town in the Midwest in the Fayetteville Fairies. How will the ladies of Fayetteville cope with fairy civil war while managing jobs, families, and love lives?!

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