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So I recently got back from the Dominican Republic. I was there from the 14th to the 24th of June.  So why am I writing about vacationing on this weeks Good Bad and Ugly.  Well it isn’t the vacation necessarily but what happens to reading, writing, and overall blogging when I am gone that long.





No sunburn was had, I got a nice tan, but no sunburn.  I got to swim in the Atlantic Ocean, I got to go to a bronze replica of the Jesus Statue that is in Brazil.  Their’s is Concrete btw.  I got to see a Rum Factory and got some tasty rum.  I had this local drink called Mama Juana, yeah that is DAMN good, it is honey, red wine, and rum all mixed together with these spices and wood chips.  I got to swim with Dolphins, they pushed me with their snouts, it was one of the most incredible things that I have ever done.






Trying to read on a plane with a anxious 8 turning 9 year old while babies are screaming does not allow for quality reading.  Once I got the little one to sleep I was able to read more, until they started with the drinks and food and then amazingly the minion woke up and wanted something.


Trying to read while family members were like OMGEEE we must go here and here and here and here and we must go to sleep at 9 so we can be up at 7 so we can go here and here.  My vacation, while not My rules?






I have over 300 emails to read and respond to.  Not to mention that after I finished the books that I took with me I had nothing to read because their wifi sucked and I couldn’t get online and get more.  So while I probably could have read more there while drinking Rum and Cokes and laying in the Cabana I did not sadly.   So while I am not making excuses, if you have not heard from me since before the 14th this is why.  I am catching up slowly but surely.



Do any of you have any GBU trips to talk about?

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