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So background, I am not only a blogger, but an independent reviewer (when the boss lady lets me have time off HA), and an author.  So I see both sides to this issue.  Although I can see both sides that does not mean that I am okay with some of the antics that authors do on social media sites.  OOO and I would like to thank Melanie for making the awesomeist little faces and Above Meme, aren’t they cute?


The Good:


Joining Facebook groups, interacting with other authors, answering questions from new authors.  Sharing your book(s) once and then if it goes on sale.  No spamming of your writings.  Being an active member of the author community, be you a self published, indie author, or traditionally published author.


Networking is a very good thing, and done properly it can speak volumes to who you are as a person and as an author.   Have a Goodreads account, have a twitter account, have a Facebook account, and post on all of them, but don’t over do it.  Less is more.



The Bad:


Authors who don’t follow the rules of the Facebook groups.  This could go under Ugly depending on how bad the infraction is, but almost every group has different rules and why would you not read them before posting your information.


Review swapping.  Sometimes this can be good, but constantly requesting it makes it bad.  Some authors don’t have time to read  other books.  To only say that you will review if someone else does is in my opinion poor taste.


Oh this one is a pet peeve of mine.  I don’t mind Amazon, they have millions of books on there, it is a great market place.  However, not everyone, myself included likes the KDP Select, which if you don’t know is a service that is essentially like netflix.  You pay X amount a month and you get to “check out” books that authors have included.  Most authors say “well the book is free to you” actually no, I paid for this service and therefore I am still paying for your book and if you really wanted a review would you be ONLY providing it via KDP Select and not as a free download.



The Ugly:



Authors who constantly spam every single Facebook group that they are part of.  Also authors who constantly ask for likes and reviews.  I understand how important reviews are, trust me I do.  But to just spam over and over makes you look needy and honestly does not make me want to read your book.  


Being dicks, seriously 1) why do authors/bloggers/etc think that because they are behind that little screen they can have word vomit and speak their mind.  I am not against speaking your mind, but there is a difference between “Yeah I can see that but I don’t agree” and “OMFG YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT”  Both I have seen, only one I have done, yeah hopefully you can figure that one out.  2) We should be helping build the community, not tear it down by talking crap about fellow people (see 1).  3) It makes me NEVER NEVER NEVER want to buy your book, read your book for free, look at your book, touch your book, or speak anything about your book.  It will get you blacklisted if you are being a dick.  Now if someone else is dickish first, I would like to see said recipient take the upper road, but that doesn’t always happen, and there are tears, yelling, etc.  Not that I am okay with it but I can understand it more, when I got my first horrible review on my book I cried, I cried long and hard before my friends and family told me that he was just a troll and I shouldn’t listen.  But seriously STOP BEING DICKS.


Asking people who want to review your book and then telling them they have to buy it.  I understand how sales work, and I know that you want that sale, but to request that your reviewer buys the book is not going to cause readers and bloggers to like you.  Should everyone who wants to read your book get a free copy? No, then  you wouldn’t get any money and no matter what everyone says, you want to make some, if not a lot, at least some to justify the time that you spent.  When you give a blogger a book to read, you and the blogger expect certain things.  You expect that book to be reviewed and advertised.  The blogger expects you to provide any information they request.  Most bloggers don’t make money from their blogs, and they buy all the swag that they giveaway themselves.

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