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So if you are an author or a blogger you have probably worked with or for a blog tour. For those who are unfamiliar with a blog tour is, essentially it is a company who is hired to contact bloggers to do events, such as cover reveals, book blasts, release day reviews, etc.




Author:  If you are searching for a blog tour company ensure that they have blogs on their lists who specialize in the genre that you write in.  If you write romance, you don’t want a blog that only have blogs that specialize in horror.


Blog Tour Company:  Be communicative with the blogs, give them the materials as soon as possible, and be friendly, remember blogs are helping you for free.






Author:  Going by price alone, there are some really good places that are inexpensive, there are bad places that are super expensive.  Remember that price does not automatically equate to value.  Ask around, find out what authors are using and why.


Blog Tour Company:  Being late with the information to bloggers.  Not looking at the website to see if the blog had posted the information before emailing them.





Author:  Not reading what you payed for and acting like a spoiled superstar when you don’t get what you think you should.  Remember they are a business as well and so why should they give you free stuff?  What is really bad form is if you tell the company that you have swag to give away, remember to actually give it away.  Readers get upset at the tour company for not providing the swag, the tour company gets upset at your, etc etc.


Blog Tour Company:  Being rude, demanding more from the blogs than they originally signed on for.  Some how thinking that people don’t talk and the blogger wont speak with the author if you are rude, demanding, or unprofessional.  This community talks, and believe me people will mention how you behave.


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