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Ooo I can hear the hissing now. “Oh look at Fang Freakin Tastic, going to take on authors.” Why yes we are and there is a reason. Lately in many of the groups that we are part of there have been discussions regarding authors and the bad things.  So before we get into good, bad, and ugly regarding authors we want people to know that we love authors, they make us who we are, and 99 times out of 100 authors are great people who are just doing what they love.






Authors who thank the blogs that review their books, who are part of groups and talk to their fans.  Authors who go to events and are friendly, sign books, and just enjoy those who read their books.  Authors that are always willing to listen to fans.  Authors who speak well of their publishers if deserved.  Authors who write what they love, regardless of what genre it is, and authors who never talk bad about other authors.







Authors who are not friendly at events that they were asked to go towards.  Authors are who are a little snobbish when it comes to readers, reviewers, etc.  Authors who are not willing to help new authors starting out, but not because they don’t want competition but because they don’t want to help others.  Authors who never sign copies.  Authors are humans like anyone else, and some times I think that some authors forget this, but it isn’t because they are bad people, they get caught in the hype.








Okay now you may not want to read this section.  But here goes.  Authors who say they are going to show up for an event but just don’t.  No reason, no call, just No Show.  Authors who talk smack about other authors.  Authors who are complete jerks/bitches.  Authors who use their connections to track down and harass reviewers.   Authors who talk about their fans in a really negative light.  Please remember that fans are those who bought your books.  Authors who complain about the genre they write in but say “I do it for the money, even though I hate it” umm, stop writing in it then.  Authors who bad mouth publishers who didn’t bow down to author demands.  For all of the authors who don’t respect those who read your books, don’t respect the reviewers who do not get paid to review your books.  I have a meme for you.


not special

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