Furnace by Joseph Williams


By: Joseph Williams
Publisher: Severed Press
Published on: January 21, 2016
Furnace by Joseph Williams

On a routine escort mission to a human colony, Lieutenant Michael Chalmers is pulled out of hyper-sleep a month early. The RSA Rockne Hummel is well off course and—as the ship’s navigator—it’s up to him to figure out why. It’s supposed to be a simple fix, but when he attempts to identify their position in the known universe, nothing registers on his scans. Nothing at all. The vessel has catapulted beyond the reach of starlight by at least a hundred trillion light-years. Then a planetary-mass object materializes behind them. It’s burning brightly even without a star to heat it. Hundreds of damaged ships are locked in its orbit, but before the scanners go offline, the crew discovers there are no life-signs aboard any of them. As system failures sweep through the Hummel, neither Chalmers nor the pilot can prevent the vessel from crashing into the surface near a mysterious ancient city. And that’s where the real nightmare begins.

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Andi's Review


On a routine escort mission, the RSA Rockne Hummel is pulled off course, awakening Lt. Michael Chalmers.  The planet that they are moving towards, very quickly is not one that Chalmers, the navigator has ever seen, and it is not on any star map he has.  Interestingly enough they are pushed towards a planet that is lightened apparently from within and a host of ships are in lazy orbits around the planet.  Upon a rough landing, it is up to the mechanics to figure out what is going on.  While they are working on the ship, Chalmers and a group of soldiers venture out onto the planet’s surface to see what is going on.  Yeah probably a horrible idea.  Oh and it was.


That is all I can say for the book itself because if I say more then pieces of the story will be revealed that don’t need to be.  So the point of the story wasn’t bad, but the execution and gore level was.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for your horrory slasher films, but the extent that this author went to describing the gore and acts just bleh, I mean seriously I almost blehed and I read serial killer books.  The amount of blood and the exact nature of how that blood came about it just a little too much for me.


The other thing that pushes the overall rating down was the amount of foreshadowing.  When you say “I walked up the hill with the group, knowing that I will be the only one left at the top” you know that something bad is going to happen, and that bad is going to be gruesome.  This happens a lot and so it makes it somewhat of a up and down story.


Oh the last part, I don’t like clowns, I never have, I don’t know why, and no it isn’t from Stephan King’s IT because I have never read it, but seriously if you don’t like Clowns, skip this book, there is a Clown Demon that is creepy AF.


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About Joseph Williams

Joseph Williams is an author of horror and science fiction living in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

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