Frost Bites: A Winter’s Series Novella by Breezy Jones

Frost Bites: A Winter's Series Novella

By: Breezy Jones
Genres: Paranormal, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 120
Publisher: Amazon
Published on: February 1, 2020
Frost Bites: A Winter’s Series Novella by Breezy Jones

Jack Frost has been sent to Savannah, Georgia to rein in a wayward Winter Fae spreading cold and chaos across the southern states. A tough task made tougher with Christmas magic in disarray.It soon becomes obvious that this Fae doesn't want to be found, let alone give up her newfound powers. And she might just have gathered her own personal army of witches...Having no other choice, Jack is forced to ask werewolf Liam Knight, the 'Playboy Alpha of the South,' for help. But Liam's price may be more than Jack is willing to pay.Can Jack and Liam come to terms in their alliance, and with their growing feelings for each other? Or will this Winter Fae freeze the South, and their hearts

Also by this author: Winter's Rise (Winter #1)
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It has been a year hasn’t it? Well now it is a new year, so the last year that was actually 15 years is behind us. I know that we haven’t been super active, and that will change, at least I hope it will.  There are some big things for Melanie and I coming this year.  I will be coming down to Florida for an event in March if it happens. In August, I will be coming down to Florida again for an event. This time however I will be there as an author.

So let’s get back on this horse, because boy have I done a lot of reading, and not much blogging.

Breezy Jones is an author that I met at one of the many Florida events that I have attended.  She would come as an event attendee. She has since become an author, and boy am I happy about that.  Her first book Winter’s Rise which I reviewed back in September really set the stage on what type of author she is going to be. Super exciting stuff because that book really transported me to her world.  Now this novella, Frost Bites is part of this world. You do not need to read one before the other really. I mean I guess you Winter’s rise would be better so you get a little insight into Jack Frost. It isn’t necessary though.


Yes, Jack Frost, that Jack Frost but in a slightly different body then you are use to. She is sent to Savannah Georgia, because seriously where else would winter fae trying to get past Frost go? Not only is Savannah on display in this book, but I have realized that it is in a lot of books that deal with the supernatural. So Jack has to not only find said winter fae, but since Jack is having some issues, she also has to deal with Liam Knight. Now Liam is a delicious sounding werewolf who called the “playboy alpha of the south” and so I mean obviously Jack being her hot self is going to gain the attention of Mr. Playboy.


Now will that attention be good and help Jack in her mission to stop a wayward Winter Fae from causing all sorts of ruckus? Or will Jack actually get into some ruckus of her own down in the deep south?


While it is a novella and not that long, I really enjoyed it, because it pulled in some characters from Winter’s rise as well as added new ones like Liam. It also gave a bit more background into Jack and her sister and so I think overall it was a well written and formed story. If you are looking for something that is a fun and relatively short read, this is the book for you.



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About Breezy Jones

Breezy lives in a small town in Florida with her husband, daughter and three furbabies, as a SAHM. If you ask what first got her into writing, she’ll tell you it was over the ending of Divergent. She remembers laughing at the first person to suggest that she could write a book, but chose to give it a shot.
When she’s not writing Breezy splits her time among her many hobbies; reading, repainting dolls, makeup and graphic design, just to name a few. These things don’t come without a cost; coffee and wine. While writing hasn’t always been her goal, she has fallen in love with building a world from nothing and watching it flourish.

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