From Blood to Ink by Brynn Myers

From Blood to Ink

By: Brynn Myers
Genres: urban fantasy
Publisher: Indigo Ink
From Blood to Ink by Brynn Myers

Indigo James was a successful author until the day she got writer's block, and everything changed. Weeks turned into months without anything but fleeting thoughts and half-ass ideas. That is until the day she met Mila Aeress—aka the Goddess of Chaos. Suddenly Indigo is thrust into a world she only thought existed in books. Now she's bound to her writing for a completely different reason. Her life and her works are more than labors of love; they're a matter of life or death. Each new manuscript becomes a book of sacrifice when her blood literally turns to ink.

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From Blood to Ink is just like, whoa. It will never cease to amaze me the things that Brynn Myers can do with her writing.


Myers builds these worlds I can see myself in. I can relate to her characters in ways I don’t normally get to. I can picture every scene without hesitation and she gets me worked up when very good or very bad things happen to the characters. Her characters are always either the very best or the very worst in the sense that you love the good and hate the bad. It’s easy to fall into any of her books.


The ideas in From Blood to Ink are really cool. An author with writer’s block, some bored deities with questionable morals, and some absolute insanity make this book something special. At no point did I feel like I could put the book down and do anything else. I had to know how things were going to turn out for Indigo and Cilla. It was interesting to me to see what Indigo was going through and how she was handling her writer’s block.


She has essentially written two stories in one. On the one side, we have what is going on with Indigo and the gods, then on the other side, we have the story she’s writing. I am beyond invested in both stories. I’m attached to both Indigo and Cilla and cannot wait to see what comes next.





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About Brynn Myers

Brynn Myers is an adult paranormal romance author. After considering writing a hobby for years, she finally turned her passion and talent into a career. She came into the paranormal genre later than most but has always loved fairy-tales and all things magical. Using that love, she creates charmed worlds by writing stories involving passionate, strong willed characters with something to discover.


Brynn lives with her family in Central Florida.

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