Fortune Favors the Bold: Saga of Scissorwulf by Chad Derdowski

Fortune Favors the Bold: Saga of the Scissorwulf

By: C. Edward Derdowski, Chad Derdowski
Pages: 128
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published on: October 25th 2016
Fortune Favors the Bold: Saga of Scissorwulf by Chad Derdowski

Fortune Favors the Bold is an exciting new series of R-rated branching path gamebooks in which YOU are the hero of your own story - a story which changes based on the decisions YOU make! It's just like real life, only vastly more interesting and infinitely more exciting than your wildest dreams.

But unlike similar stories you may have read as a child, these ones are totally full of violence, drugs, sex and gore - the way you always wished they had been! This is a tale best told amongst friends, in a faux English accent and under the influence... for this is the Saga of the Scissorwulf! A tale of high adventure and low brows. A chronicle of necromancy, dragon slaying and lust. An epic retelling of the legend of an ancient myth long lost in the annals of a time before time. A story in which YOU are the hero and YOU call the shots! When the Scissorwulf discovers thieves trafficking in the sale of unicorn horns, it is up to him to dole out his own violent brand of justice. But it is up to YOU to determine how he does it! It is a world where only the strong survive, and fortune favors the bold!

"You're either on to something with this, or it's the world's best ultra-narrow niche book that no one will ever read. But the tiny elite that do read it will be changed forever." - Benjamin T. Osborne


Fortune Favors the Bold: Saga of Scissorwulf by Chad Derdowski is a choose your own adventure.  Yes, you heard that right, childhood stories for adults.  So this book follows Scissorwulf, a man who is really wishy washy about what he wants to do in life ;).   He can be strong one minute, and a wimp the next.  Combine that with some very strong adversary characters and this makes for a very interesting read.


I read this five or six times because I honestly kept dying. Glory came from every death. Okay not all of them, some were pretty dumb deaths.  But that is part of the fun.  I am half one way, and half another when it comes to this book.  I liked some parts of it, and didn’t like other parts.  This is an adult book.  I will say that again, this is an adult book. Most choose your own adventures are for young adults.  This one is not. It is full of cursing, killing, semi-naked one-eyed women.  You know the best of pirate, fantasy type reading.


Overall I did not like this book as much as I hoped. It is not due to the writing or the structure. That is good and solid. The storyline is also interesting and constantly moving. Characters are at times flatter than I would have personally liked. Extensive introductions exist when appropriate. I just couldn’t connect with Scissorwulf, he wasn’t likable. Honestly he was a bit of a dick, not his fault, just to me he is.






About Chad Derdowski

Chad Derdowski is the creator, author and artist of the Fortune Favors the Bold series as well as co-creator and author of the acclaimed young adult science fiction/post-apocalyptic buddy comedy "All Robots Must Die!: Nacho-Geddon".

He has contributed stories to the Eisner Award-winning Aw Yeah Comics! and Spacepig Hamadeus and the Captive Planet.

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