For Sissy by A.H. Gilbert  

For Sissy

By: A. H. Gilbert
Genres: Psychological Thriller
Pages: 290
For Sissy by A.H. Gilbert  

A man targeted as a prime suspect fights for his freedom... as the real killer stalks his next victim.

Violence has come to Creeley County, Colorado. Its residents are shaken, especially night shift waitresses. Here to defend himself for crimes committed by his father, Emerson Crandall is implicated in the string of grisly murders. As a killer emerges with an insatiable compulsion, Emerson becomes the prime suspect.

What Emerson doesn’t know is that his daughter is the only surviving witness to the killer’s crime. And now, she is in the killer's crosshairs.

Now, with more to lose than his freedom, Emerson must outsmart the police and catch a killer. But with the killer already stalking his next victim, is Emerson too late?


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For Sissy is the follow-up book to The Crandall Haunting. I enjoyed the first book so much I saw no reason not to read the second. I’m so glad I did. It continues the story of Emerson and his daughter Courtney and what happens after the catastrophe at the Crandall Resort.


I didn’t realize how much I needed this book until I started reading it. I’m the kind of person who always wants to know what happens with characters after the story is over. For Sissy satisfied that curiosity and more. We find out what really happened to Courtney’s mother, which I had wished had been touched on more in the first book, but the way Gilbert presented it in this book was perfect.


The feel and events in For Sissy are, overall, MUCH darker than in The Crandall Haunting. It’s primarily about a serial killer and the way Emerson gets entangled in his web is just insane. It made me angry on Emerson’s behalf. He’s such an overall good person, to see someone screw with him makes me want to kick their ass.  I truly had no idea how this story would end.


Overall, For Sissy was a great book. As someone who is fascinated with the psychopathy of serial killers, this was, without a doubt, my kind of book. I hope Gilbert continues to tell stories such as this one because if so, I’ll read every single one. An absolute page turner for sure.


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About A. H. Gilbert

A.H. Gilbert likes reading fast-paced, plot-driven books with somewhat odd, but likable characters, and so that’s what she writes. While mostly serious, her quirky sense of humor will slip into her writing at unusual moments.

The Crandall Haunting is her first novel, but not her last! Be on the lookout for her future work, including the continuing adventures of Emerson Crandall.

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