Day 5: Floyd & Mikki 2: Zombie Slayers by Joseph Tatner

28 days

Floyd & Mikki 2: Zombie Slayers

By: Joseph Tatner
Genres: Horror
Pages: 284
Published on: February 14, 2015
Day 5: Floyd & Mikki 2: Zombie Slayers by Joseph Tatner

Floyd and Mikki continue their adventures from Book 1. The zombies get badder, the weapons get bigger, and Floyd and Mikki get better! More laughs and nonstop thrills as the two heroes rely on each other and try to find a home in a dystopian world.

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Great sequel! I’m so glad Floyd and Mikki’s story continued. When I finished F+M 1, I had a book hangover for at least a week. Then I realized F+M 2 was out and that made me feel better. I spent the majority of this book worried about which characters would live or die. It really stressed me out! It’s rare that I find characters that I feel that strongly about, so it’s a refreshing change for me.

I love what this author has done with these 2 characters and I really enjoy most of the people they meet along the way. They sure do keep the apocalypse exciting!

This is a great book and a great series. I highly recommend it to all zombie fans. Keep in mind this series is more about how the characters grow and evolve from where they start. Mikki grows up a lot. Floyd was pretty much grown already, but he still learns how to…well you’ll see when you read it!


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About Joseph Tatner

Joseph Tatner holds a BA in Communications and MA in National Security. After writing countless technical manuals, Joseph nearly turned into a zombie himself. With an off-beat sense of humor, Joe is a modern-day Gilbert and Sullivan, examining humanity, society and personal relationships in a topsy-turvy apocalyptic world.

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