Fiends of the Hub by J.S. Carter Gilson

Fiends of the Hub

By: J.S. Carter Gilson
Genres: Horror, Vampires
Pages: 227
Fiends of the Hub by J.S. Carter Gilson

Detective Brooke Scanlon may be one of the best detectives in the Boston Police Major Crimes division, but nothing prepared her for the horror in East Boston. Dozens of mutilated bodies and just a single, dead suspect, facts which don’t jibe with nearly identical attacks happening across the country.

Vampires are the farthest thing from Scott Reid’s mind. He just wants to marry his fiancée Margie and settle down for a nice, normal, quiet life. Life has other plans in mind. As more bodies pile up, circumstance draws them into a dangerous web where the supernatural is suddenly all too real.

Vampires are attacking, hungry, vicious, and wild. Soon, Scott and Brooke are fighting to save Boston from its greatest threat ever.

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When Officer Brooke Scanlon discovers that there are a lot of bodies starting to pile up in East Boston she feels like she must find out why.  It is not necessarily her job to look into the deeper sides of Boston, but she does so in hopes of finding the killer and bring them to justice.


She is being told to report them a certain way, but there is something that keeps nagging at the back of her mind.  It just won’t let go of her and so she starts to dig.


Scott Reid is going to get married to his fiancé and it is just another day in town.  He notices that the homeless are acting a little more aggressive, but nothing to really cause him stress.  He goes to work as does his fiancé and they have an entire schedule for marriage and life. While at work he starts to notice on the news that other cities were having issues, he just didn’t realize that it was going to directly impact him.


So I am off two minds of this book.  It is a good concept, but I had an issue with Scott. Like you could tell where the story was going from the very beginning, which kind of let me down. I mean he did not have to be the person he was, and it just fit a little too neatly in a plot package.  It fit a little too good, and the whole police station was a little cliché. With that said, I did like the story and it was something that I would recommend to others.



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About J.S. Carter Gilson

JS Carter Gilson lives in Nashua, NH with his wife, two cats and two guinea pigs. Fiends of the Hub is his first novel. You can find him on social media where he would love to know if you liked this novel.

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