Fiends of the Hub by J.S. Carter Gilson

Fiends of the Hub

By: J.S. Carter Gilson
Genres: Horror, Vampires
Pages: 230
Publisher: Cavia Porcellus
Published on: January 20th 2018
Fiends of the Hub by J.S. Carter Gilson

Detective Brooke Scanlon may be one of the best detectives in the Boston Police Major Crimes division, but nothing prepared her for the horror in East Boston. Dozens of mutilated bodies and just a single, dead suspect, facts which don’t jibe with nearly identical attacks happening across the country.

Vampires are the farthest thing from Scott Reid’s mind. He just wants to marry his fiancée Margie and settle down for a nice, normal, quiet life. Life has other plans in mind.

As more bodies pile up, circumstance draws them into a dangerous web where the supernatural is suddenly all too real.

Vampires are attacking, hungry, vicious, and wild. Soon, Scott and Brooke are fighting to save Boston from its greatest threat ever.

Also by this author: Fiends of the Hub

I received this book for free from Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Like any other red-blooded human I like vampire stories.  What? not everyone does? Okay then.  So I like vampire stories, and this story is one, but it isn’t, at least not initially.  In fact initially we have no idea what is going on TBH.


Meet Scott and his Fiancee Margie.  Two ordinary Bostonians who get up, get ready for work, pass some homeless people, get to work, see attacks on the news, pass some more homeless people… wait? Attacks?  What kinda of attacks?  oh you know your run of the mill gruesome, bloody, animal type attacks in the middle of Boston.  When Scott arrives home, he finds out that his future, his past, and his present all ran together in one blacked out minute.


Brooke Scanlon is a detective that just so happens to land Scott’s case, and because of that fateful call, she is now knee-deep in blood and dead people.  When all looks like it is going to fail, her best friend Ginny, Marcus the morgue tech who listens to way too much music and does way to much dancing around in the morgue, and Kate.  Oh and a FBI Agent, Ofer, who helps but doesn’t like people. By that I mean when he thinks he likes it dark and alone.  I don’t blame him, I like it that way too.


So what do you do when you take all of these people and throw them into what could be the end of the world?  Some snazzy thinking, and some pretty tough police officers.  I mean if you are going to die, why not die while you save the planet from something?


Overall, I really liked this book, the beginning was like meh okay, kinda good, and then it was OMG good.  Then it went from that to I can’t put it down, must read it all tonight good.  I just finished it and that is why I am writing about it now. I really really hope the author sees this and writes another in the series.



About J.S. Carter Gilson

JS Carter Gilson lives in Nashua, NH with his wife, two cats and two guinea pigs. Fiends of the Hub is his first novel. You can find him on social media where he would love to know if you liked this novel.

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