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Yeah I know it was supposed to be on Friday, but with school quickly coming to a close and minion and softball and stuff it didn’t happen, so I am changing it to Sunday for at least this week.  😀


Again thank you to our friends at Parajunkee for putting this one every week without fail.


week's question

How would you pitch to the biz to make your favorite book into a movie? via Girl of 1000 Wonders


Well first of all I think that most of my favorite books are movies.  So… there is that.  But honestly right now the movies are one of three main things, chicky flicks (think twilight and notebook),  Comic Books (Guardians of the Galaxy), and my type of movies (fast and the furious) I mean you get tons of independent movies but you are seeing a lot that fall into the same categories over and over.  I am a huge fan of Comic Book and Drama/Thrillers so I have no idea if most of my books would even get made into a movie.  Lets see I really enjoyed Di Vinci Code.. Movie, I really liked The avengers Comic Book, Movie, Uncanny Xmen- movie.  See issue.


What would you do?

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