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How do you cure a book hangover/blogging slump/reading slump? via Take me away


This one hits both Melanie and I.  We both go though these phases, luckily for you all it doesn’t happen at the same time.  She will get into a funk, then I will get into a funk.  We don’t even plan ahead for our funks.


I can’t answer for Melanie on how she gets over them aside from venting and yelling at me.  yeah we have that type of relationship.


For me, it is harder, like right now I have five books to review and like 20 to read.  What I do is cycle through books until something really hits me and then I finish that.  Usually that gets me back on track.  Sometimes I just have to push through it and read a book if I have a deadline.


If you are not a blogger you may not realize that blogging is not all wine and roses.  You deal with great authors, but you also deal with bratty authors.  Hey we calls them like we sees them.  Oh and publicists who are bitchy, yeah those too.  Now we have made some really good friends from this site, in fact I met Melanie through this.  Now a little known secret regarding bloggers, we have black lists.  Yup, sadly we have to, although ours only has three names on it.   So with any job sometimes we don’t like it, but most times we do love it.


What do you do when you get in a slump?



Next week’s question: How do you decide what books to read? – So Many Books, So Little Time



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