Dr. Fears Pediophobia: Fear of Dolls by David C. Thomas

Dr. Fear's Pediophobia: The Fear of Dolls

By: David C. Thomas
Genres: Horror
Series: Dr. Fear's Phobias
Published on: October 21, 2017
Dr. Fears Pediophobia: Fear of Dolls by David C. Thomas

Twelve-year-old Raven Walton is excited to move into her new home with her family. That is until she discovers the chilling and disturbing history the house holds. Anyone who has lived in the house longer than three days...dies!

Raven, along with her new friends, band together to defeat whatever evil lives in the house. Suspenseful, frightening, and devilishly terrifying, Dr. Fear's Pediophobia: The Fear of Dolls captures the essence of fear, family, and friendship.


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The Fear of dolls is a super creepy book. If you are afraid of dolls, this may not be the book for you. As a kid, I saw the movie Dolls. It scared the bejesus out of me. I still think dolls are creepy but now I’m 90% sure I could kick one like I was the kicker for a football team in the Super Bowl.


The characters in this book are fairly unremarkable in the sense that they could really be anyone. There is nothing crazy about them. They don’t see dead people, they can’t move stuff with their mind or start fires etc. They are average teenagers put into an unusual situation that could scare the crap out of you. They are easy to relate to and believable as teenagers. The only complaint about all that I have is they moved during the school year and it sounds like the last day of school was a day or two after they enrolled, which sounds absolutely pointless for them to do. I also thought it was somewhat strange that the guy at the pet boarding place treated Raven like an adult and that whole scene, but whatever.


The story moved along at a good pace and kept my attention with no problem. I actually read the whole book in one day.


There are some minor spots I would call “glitches” that occur in the book that I feel need adjusted for the book to make more sense, but not so many that it ruins the story. Places where there should be more or less elaboration or minor things that just don’t seem to fit or follow with what’s going on.


Overall, this is a good story. I think the author has room for improvement, but this is a good start. I like the idea of what this series is going to be about, different phobias, and I really do look forward to reading the other books when they come out.



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About David C. Thomas

David C Thomas was born in Chicago but raised in Florida. David started writing after reading a series of books and feeling an urge to create his own. The first story he put together he entitled: Treasure Hunters. He allowed his younger brother, Timothy, to read the story. No sooner had he read the book did he return to David with a hunger to read more. David loved how his poorly put-together book sparked an interest from Timothy. It was then that David realized he had a passion for writing that would never be quenched.

Fast forward to today, and David is tirelessly working to create. In 2012 he created Saberz Studios. A burgeoning entertainment company built around one goal: Create. Entertain. Inspire. David believes that entertainment has lost its originality and is dedicated to bringing originality back into storytelling.

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