Fangdemonium! by Lucienne Diver

I had planned to have my review for Fangdmonium ready for today’s post. Unfortunately, it has been longer than I realized since I first started this series. I’ve gone back and started from the beginning and re-read the series. What I have for you today is a review of the Vamped series up until this point, and then in a few days when I’ve finished the new book, I will post my review of it by itself.


By: Lucienne Diver
Genres: urban fantasy, Paranormal
Pages: 250
Series: Vamped #5
Publisher: Lore Seekers Press
Published on: July 17, 2017
Fangdemonium! by Lucienne Diver

Fanged and fabulous…and hunted.
Gina Covella, fashionista of the fanged, and her entourage are primed to reveal the existence of vampires on the popular Ghouligans television show, when their former federal handlers swoop in to shut them down and imprison the vamps in one of their super secret testing facilities. Or not so secret, as the gang knows all about the horror hospitals and has sworn to take them down.
Their daring escape runs them right into the arms of “the resistance”—a group of humans and vampires who’ve joined together to stop the fighting that’s made Gina and her boy Bobby’s hometown a bloody battlefield. Going home brings them back to old nemeses as well, including the psycho psychic who declared Gina “chaos” and Bobby “the key”. They hope he’ll unlock the secret of stopping the Feds’s freakshow experiments for good, because they’re building up to something big. Huge. And they’re consolidating their power in the Big Easy, aka New Orleans, where what’s cooking is nothing less than the final showdown.

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The Vamped series by Lucienne Diver is currently 5 books long. I have 3 finished currently. Overall, so far this is a cute series. It’s not some profound work of amazing literature, but it is sufficient to keep the reader entertained and laughing throughout all 3 of the books I’ve read so far.


There is definitely an improvement in Diver’s writing from the first book, Vamped, up through the third, Fangtastic. In the first book, the man character, Gina is incredibly shallow and a bit unrealistic. Not many readers enjoyed her character at all. However, as the series has gone on, luckily Gina has definitely grown as a person and as a character. She is still fairly annoying, but she is a teenager, so that tends to be a trait among them.


The series mainly focuses on Gina, but there are several other characters that are interesting as well. Some of them are just plain ridiculous, but I know a lot of teenagers that are, so there’s that.


Each story does have its own issues with minor unrealistic situations etc, but overall the story itself is fun to read. Just don’t think too hard about what is going on. These books aren’t meant to change your life or give you a vampire life owner’s manual, just entertain you.


Keep in mind, I’ve only read 3 of the 5 and so far I’ve seen improvement with each new story, so if you don’t love the first book, keep trying, they do get much better. I’m greatly enjoying the series and look forward to reading the next 2 books as soon as possible!



Fangdemonium Excerpt:

I had no idea how much time we had before power was restored. My twisted ankle protested as I sprinted back for the wings, toward the exit there. Toward Bobby and Marcy and freedom. Even with vamp healing and prowess, running in stilettos would only slow me down and probably keep my ankle from healing. I dodged the downed prop cart, then stopped just long enough to toe the stilettos off and leave them behind, running barefoot for the side exit of the stage. Agent Sid, suited and scowling, stood right in my way. He couldn’t see in the dark, but he was smart enough to have planted himself in front of the door, gun out. Wooden bullets? Something else? I had no idea and didn’t want to find out. I went misty and slid right through him and the door. The creepy feeling was only psychological. I couldn’t feel him except as a denseness I passed through.

Once I felt the air lighten, I went solid again to get my bearings and look for Bobby and Marcy. I couldn’t see a thing in mist form, not having eyes and all. I only got impressions of density, currents, temperature, so I had no idea I’d be materializing into chaos.


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About Lucienne Diver

Lucienne Diver is the author of Vamped young adult series (think Clueless meets Buffy) and the Latter-Day Olympians urban fantasy series from Samhain, which Long and Short Reviews called “a clever mix of Janet Evanovich and Rick Riordan”. Her short stories have appeared in the KICKING IT anthology edited by Faith Hunter and Kalayna Price (Roc Books), the STRIP-MAULED and FANGS FOR THE MAMMARIES anthologies edited by Esther Friesner (Baen Books) and her essay “Abuse” was published in DEAR BULLY: 70 Authors Tell Their Stories (HarperCollins).
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