Day 20: Fading Hope a Horror Anthology

28 Dark Days        of Bloody Good (1)

Fading Hope

Genres: Horror
Pages: 160
Published on: August 28, 2014
Day 20: Fading Hope a Horror Anthology

It's the end of the world and we are not feeling fine.

What happens when you ask seven of the most notorious writers in apocalyptic fiction to craft stories where a happily ever after doesn't exist?

You get Fading Hope.

Bleak landscapes, fading faith, the loss of humanity and the struggle to simply make it to the end of the day, are just some of the elements that come together within this boundary-pushing anthology.

Dive into a world of hopelessness as rendered by award-winning authors like: Rebecca Besser, Eli Constant, Morgan Garcia, Thea Gregory, Claire C. Riley, Armand Rosamila, and Jack Wallen.



Melanie’s Review

I’m not going to summarize or give a review of each individual story because they were all great stories and I liked each of them for the same reasons. They are all written well, have interesting and creative storylines, and really live up to the title of Fading Hope. Each chapter is another dark story of the apocalypse.


Fading Hope is a great dark book. When I say it’s a great book, I don’t mean it’s great in a happily ever after type of way, but in a “daaaaaaamn! did that just happen?” kind of way.


Holy crap on a cracker was Fading Hope depressing! I say that in the best possible way. Personally, I don’t mind a book full of darkness and despair, and to me, that’s exactly what this is. It was a bit like the movie “Frozen” that my daughter loves so much, where every time you turn around thinking something is going to work out the way it should, something else happens. The big difference for me is that while I really disliked Frozen, I really enjoyed Fading Hope.


The title gives you a perfect impression of what to expect. I don’t feel like I was let down by any of the authors and I liked every story contained within these pages of bleakness.


The stories themselves are great. I liked the tone each was written in and they all had characters  I could relate to and situations I could imagine in my nightmares. I enjoyed every depressing moment as sick as that sounds. These authors were able to bring out a degree of feeling for me. I was able to feel what the characters went through, and I can’t always say that happens in the books I read. The things the characters dealt with in each story were horrific and very suited for a book of the Horror genre.


I recommend Fading Hope to any reader who likes horror and doesn’t mind if not every character gets their “happy ever after”.


5 fangs


If you enjoy the authors found in Fading Hope, you might also want to check out the books in the State of Horror Series that I have mentioned. Several of the authors with stories in Fading Hope are also found in State of Horror.




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