Everything he wants by Lisa Hughey – IBF Review

Everything He Wants

By: Lisa Hughey
Genres: Romance
Pages: 214
Series: Billionaire Breakfast Club
Publisher: Salty Kisses Press
Published on: February 13, 2018
Everything he wants by Lisa Hughey – IBF Review

Boy Meets Girl. It's the way romances usually begin...and while we all love a happy ending, it's the #meetcute that wins our hearts.

Everything He Wants (Billionaire Breakfast Club #1 The Jock) A #meetcute romance

Their friends set up an interview, it was supposed to be simple....

D’Andre Smith has it all.

Fame. Money. Women. On the outside, his life looks perfect. But he's got a secret that could destroy it all, so the last woman he should get involved with is a reporter.

Elise Putnam is searching for a scoop to scoop all scoops to prove her investigative chops, so the last thing she should do is get involved with an interview subject.

Their instant attraction has the potential to develop into something more if D opens his heart and Elise opens her mind. But their ingrained desire to protect their secrets may be stronger than their love....

Everything He Wants is the first book in the Billionaire Breakfast Club series. Seven strangers-with nothing in common except the desire to succeed-discover true love....

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In one of the panels during IBF I won a book, and I read it that evening, it was that good. The next morning I told the author about it, and during the signing she gave me the next book in the series.  While I was not able to read it immediately, once I got home I did.  It is everything the first one was and more.

Lisa Hughey, the author has created a world surrounding a group of friends known as the Billionaire Breakfast club.  It is a good of people who met under interesting circumstances that have since become the best of friends. What first started as a rush to see who could become a billionaire first, has morphed into helping each other strive to the best they can be, regardless of how much money their bank accounts have.

D’Andre the main male character of this book is a football player with a secret.  We know the secret right off the bat, but no one else does. I am actually unsure if anyone, even his agent knows.  The main female character is Elisa, a daughter of the wealthy, and likewise her father expects her to be a good girl and marry and have children. Elise however wants to work in journalism, and especially sports writing.

This story isn’t just about D’Andre, or Elise, or even whatever relationship there is.  It is also about powerful men feeling they have control over women. Powerful men who feel that if a girl isn’t acting like they think they should. That it is okay to belittle, kick out, and otherwise treat like crap.  Most would read these things and think, “that doesn’t really happen.” It does, and sadly most women don’t have the ability to escape that Elise does.

This book is also about friendships, and the ties that bind. Not all family is from blood, and not all blood is family, and this book really highlights that.  This books speaks to me, the reader. Not only a fun, romance wavelength, but also on a deeper, soulful wavelength. For me that is what books should do. They should be fun, they should let me escape, but they should also tie me into feeling something. Even if that emotion is hate.


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