Day 27: Eternity by Tamara Thorne

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By: Tamara Thorne
Pages: 396
Day 27: Eternity by Tamara Thorne

Welcome To Eternity
A Little Bit Of Hell On Earth

Eternity, California, is the sort of charming spot tourists flock to every summer and leave every fall when the heavy snows render it an isolated ghost town. Tourists and New Agers all talk about the strange energy coming from Eternity’s greatest attraction: a mountain called Icehouse. But the locals talk about something else.

The seemingly quiet town has been haunted by strange deaths, grisly murders, unspeakable mutilations, all the work of a serial killer who some say is the same serial killer for over a century. Now as the first snow starts to fall, terror grips Eternity as an undying evil begins its hunt once again…

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This was an incredibly creative and fun book to read. Eternity is a very unique book that I thoroughly enjoyed to the very end. Tamara Thorne has an imagination like no other.


Eternity California is a strange place. I’m not sure where Thorne got her inspiration for this town, but I’m not sure I would ever want to visit there despite my early impression that it sounds like fun.


The characters are so interesting, I couldn’t wait to learn more about them. As the story went on, we are given just enough details to keep the reader interested without revealing all of Eternity’s secrets early on. I was totally surprised by the ending. Every time I thought I knew who the killer was, something would happen to prove otherwise. The way the historical elements are woven into the story really added a little something extra to the story.


I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good murder mystery with historical elements and hints of paranormal-ish ideas.

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About Tamara Thorne

Tamara Thorne has collected ghost stories, true and fictional, since she saw her first Twilight Zone as a tot, and continues to this day. In addition to writing novels and stories of the paranormal, she also writes non-fiction and is an active ghost hunter. She makes her home in southern California with her husband and their feline family and when she’s not writing, can be found haunting ghost towns, phantom-filled hotel rooms, and other spooky places. Tamara loves to hear from her readers. Whether you have questions or comments or would like to share your own ghostly experience,come visit her at her website

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