A Few Drops of Fantasy by Claudia Silva

A Few Drops of Fantasy: A Collection of Short Stories

By: Claudia Silva
Genres: Paranormal, urban fantasy, sci-fi
Pages: 122
Published on: August 1, 2017
A Few Drops of Fantasy by Claudia Silva

Five short stories that defy imagination: a breakup, a girl unwanted, a talk amongst friends, a young boy looking for a purpose and a detective who meets his new partner. These stories will take you to fantastic worlds where not everything is what it seems... expect the unexpected.



A Few Drops of Fantasy is a collection of short stories that all center on fantasy.  There are only 5 stories, but they are a little longer than flash fiction so it isn’t like you start the book only to have it end.


Each story is different but they are also tied together.  From superheroes and villains coming to terms with who they are and what that means for relationships outside of uniform.  There are also dragons, vampires, and many other creatures of flight and fancy that make an appearance in this book.


I enjoyed it, it was relatively easy read for me and I finished it in a day.  Even better, I got to see inside the mind of this author.  Since all of the stories are written by her, each story lets you in a little more.  Be prepared though, this isn’t fantasy as in happy, shiny, my little ponies.  These have dark elements and in fantasy, there isn’t always a HEA.


I would say there is more than a few drops of fantasy, but I like how the author is eluding to the fact that these are short stories, and so they are drops versus full rivers or rain showers.


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