Dream a Little Dream of Me by Jolie St. Amant

Dream a Little Dream of Me

By: Jolie St. Amant
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 111
Series: Chateau Rogue
Published on: October 7, 2017
Dream a Little Dream of Me by Jolie St. Amant

Chateau Rouge is a reputedly haunted hotel. It hides secrets and stories within its walls, tales that lure guests from all over the world.

Yet there’s one story that has never been told. The story of a New Orleans bordello Madam who had to endure the pain of watching her true love die…twice.

Josey has been the owner of Chateau Rouge for the last two hundred years. She’s content with her routine existence, and has been for a long time…until Archer Grayson walks into her hotel.

He ignites a hunger in her which she hasn’t felt for over one hundred years, and this can only mean one thing…her love has returned to her.

But with his return comes the curse of their fate, and Josey refuses to survive a broken heart for a third time. Unless…what if this time is different? What if there’s a chance for them to change their destiny?

Could it be that their love finally has a different fate written in the cards?

Or is history bound to repeat itself?

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Dream a Little Dream of Me by Jolie St. Amant is an interesting little read. It’s somewhat predictable, but not completely. It’s nicely written and the pace is fairly quick. It’s interesting and I would like to learn more about these characters as well as the Chateau Rouge.



Josie is relatable and I really want to know more about her. She seems damaged, but not broken. It sounds to me like she just wants to be loved.


The story itself is solid for the most part. My main complaint is that I really don’t like where it ends. It felt extremely abrupt after everything else I had just read. Almost as if the author just forgot to add the last chapter.


Overall, I think this is a good story. I think anyone who is looking for a somewhat sweet paranormal romance with vampires will like this story. It’s a fairly short read, and I’m hoping the next book comes out soon.


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