The Dread Acolyte by J. Arthur Zuidema

The Dread Acolyte

By: J. Arthur Zuidema
Pages: 108
Series: Tales from Uruk #1
Published on: May 11, 2015
The Dread Acolyte by J. Arthur Zuidema

The end of the Second Age is finally in sight for the peoples of Uruk, and the final push is being made. Slowly the New Gods are winning over the followers of the malicious Old Gods, preparing to strike when they are weakest.

Torhagon has been sent west on an aid mission, which leads him into the territory of Garnoth, God of Destruction. He soon finds, however, that something more foul than the Old Gods haunt Uruk.

I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Andi's Review


Torhagon has been sent as a believer of his goddess to help find the daughter of a member of the royal family.  Before he can even arrive in Uruk his party is faced with unnatural horrors that test their ability to not only fight, but to survive.   Arriving in Uruk, the remaining party members learn that the entire trip was for naught of their original mission, but unknown to them, the old gods had been working with the new gods to put events into action that would change the life of Torhagon, but also change the landscape for the world if successful.


In a world where there are Old Gods, New Gods, and those who wish to be a God, there is going to be strife, and sadly it is the innocents that are caught in the middle of any large scale skirmish between warring parties.  Uruk is no different, and between trying not to get touched by those that are stricken with a disease that forces them to stay away from the sun, to power hungry individuals that do not realize that with power comes the ability to be corrupted by others who wield power.


This is not a happy book, this is not specifically a sad book, but the more you read, the more you feel sympathetic to some of the different individuals you meet along the way.  Some are forced by other’s hands to do stuff they do not want to do, and others are so completely manipulated that there was no hope for them.  I really enjoyed the authors ability to create a world that is unique but with many of the same issues that all societies have.  There are times that I wanted to put this book down because it got to the point that it seemed like nothing good was going to happen, it was just the main characters being beaten down every turn.  It was like Game of Thrones, when you like a character and then they get killed off.  And not only do they get killed off, but they get killed off by some nasty creatures.  Creatures that likely give people nightmares after reading this story.


While this may not have been a happy story, it was a good story, and if you like dark, if you like fantasy that has Gods pitting against each other, then this is a very good story for you.  If you revel in watching the world on fire, then this is a good story for you.  If you like the perseverance of faith and doing what is right rather than what is easy, then this is a great story for you.  Not all Gods may be out to get you, but some may be conspiring behind your back.  This story has a lot of little side roads and implications that I am sure will come back to either bite the main characters in the butt, or aid them further along in the series.


4 fangs





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