Do NOT buy Girl Scout Cookies on Ebay or Amazon!!!

All, Andi here, my daughter is a Girl Scout. She is a Cadette so middle school age. Yesterday she was talking to someone at a booth. They said, “I can just buy Girl Scout cookies online all year, so why buy them from you and freeze them?” So we go to Amazon and Ebay and Holy Schneickies, are there girl scout cookies for sale.  My daughter was furious and has something to say.


Hey all, Girl Scout here, and I wanted to let everyone know just what it means to sell girl scout cookies, and how bad it is to buy from those online sellers.

I sell at booths and going door to door. I ask friends and family, and I even have a digital website where I upload a video. That all takes work. What do we get? We get about a dollar for every 5 dollar box we sell.  It is hard work, and you get prizes, like I am going for 1000 boxes that will get me a trip to a local water park. We are halfway through the season and I have spent 30 hours at booths, not to mention the time carrying, sorting, and helping with the organization of the troop’s cookies.

What do these scammers do?  They buy ones, that are likely expired and nasty, they then mark it up 2, 3, in some cases 10 times what you would buy from them, and they rake in the money. It isn’t helping girls, it is helping their greedy wallets, and you the buyer get nasty, old cookies that who knows where they have been. I can tell you exactly where our cookies have been, they come from the Baker via delivery truck, they go to the girl scout house where they sit where no one has access to but registered, background checked leaders and adult volunteers until we take them to the booth or directly to the buyer.  Minimal exposure makes sure your cookies are not broken, not exposed to who knows what, and are fresh.

The money that you spend to buy cookies goes to help girls go to camp who can’t otherwise. The money goes to educational and fun activities, like when Microsoft helped put on a coding day for girls.

Ebay is great for a lot of things, but cookies is not one of those things. Amazon has one seller who was they were selling 2015 cookies, those cookies are 4 years old. Are they going to taste like the ones we sold this year? No, and who knows where they have been for four years.  Are people really spending money to hold on to cookies like people hold on to wine? Do they have a fancy cookie rack like a wine rack but for cookies? I love girl scout cookies. Now that I am gluten free I can only have the Toffee Tastic, but let’s be real, girl scout cookies are not wine. My mom says they are good with wine, but they are not wine.

If you want to buy girl scout cookies, then go ahead. I won’t provide my digital cookie page on this post, but if you want to let my mom or Melanie know. Search Littlebrowniebaker to locate my cookies to find local booths or ask on facebook.  There are many ways to support girl scouts without buying on Amazon and Ebay. Even if those are parents, then I can promise they aren’t giving that extra to the troop.


Thanks minion.  Thank you Fang world for letting her get that off her chest.  It sucks for the girl scout. She hurts when someone says, “I bought these online and they suck, why should I buy from you.” This can be disheartening.

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